ICIA End Users Council Unveils "Dashboard for Controls"

Pilot Project Develops Touchscreen Controls to Promote Intuitive Operation of AV Systems

ATLANTA, June 9, 2004 - At its June 9, 2004, meeting at InfoComm 04, the International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) End Users Council unveiled its "Dashboard for Controls" first guideline graphics for audiovisual touchscreen controls. The goal of this groundbreaking pilot project is to promote intuitive operation of professionally installed AV systems.

The "Dashboard for Controls" project relies on the basic premise that a professionally -installed AV presentation system should be as easy to operate as driving a car. "Industry consensus on some basics of user interface design and identification of fundamental AV system functions will increase end user confidence that the most frequently used functions will 'look and feel' like others they have previously used," said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D, Executive Director of ICIA.

The guideline graphics do not inhibit uniqueness of application and style of the implementers. Advanced features or specialized systems will continue to be served by custom interfaces unique to the application and thus restricted to advanced users.

The End Users Council will ask ICIA's technology manager and end user members for feedback before September, 2004, on the "Dashboard for Controls" graphic templates via a web survey. Responses will be incorporated into the next phase of the project, when the End Users Council meets with representatives of ICIA's Manufacturers Council and Software Developers Council to introduce the "Dashboard" to their members.

About the ICIA End Users Council
The ICIA End Users Council, chaired by John Pfleiderer, MA, CTS -D, Cornell University, is one of twelve councils and committees sponsored by the International Communications Industry Association (ICIA). Composed of over 100 representatives from universities, corporations, government, military and healthcare agencies, the council represents the interests of audiovisual technology managers and end users within the association and the industry.

For information on the End Users Council, and the 11 other ICIA councils and committees, please visit www.infocomm.org/Membership/index.cfm?objectID=60FE36A6 -776B -44D8 -B61071F56B9EEC7F.

About ICIA
The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) is the premier trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry. ICIA is the founder of InfoComm, the conference and trade exposition for audiovisual communications professionals who come to learn about the latest technologies and available services as well as new and alternative applications. ICIA serves its worldwide membership as the pre -eminent provider of education, training and certification. For more information, visit www.infocomm.org.

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