AudioControl Distributes Component Video To More Locations Than Ever!

AudioControl Distributes Component Video To More Locations Than Ever! New BVH-20 Hub Distributes Component Video Over Cat 5 To Multiple Locations

AudioControl Distributes Component Video To More Locations Than Ever!

New BVH -20 Hub Distributes Component Video Over Cat 5 To Multiple Locations

Mountlake Terrace, WA - June 2004: AudioControl, a U.S. manufacturer and designer of performance audio and video products, proudly announces the new BVH -20 distribution hub. This latest addition to AudioControl's balanced line family accepts a component video signal and then transmits it to three BVR -20 receivers over Category 5 wiring. Like other AudioControl balanced line products, the BVH -20 hub and the BVR -20 receiver transmit standard component video (480i, 480p and 720p) up to 1000', or they can transmit a 1080i HD component signal up to 300'.

"Based on comments from our dealers, there are numerous potential applications for the new BVH -20 and our existing BVR -20," commented Chris Kane of AudioControl. "The ability to send HD quality video and digital audio over inexpensive CAT -5 is a huge benefit for our dealers and their customers. This allows them to use wiring packages they installed yesterday to operate the technology of todayand hopefully tomorrow. Like the other AudioControl balanced line products, the BVH -20 and BVR -20 allow dealers an additional level of flexibility when installing the physical components of theater and distributed audio products."

The BVH -20 accepts a component video and digital audio (or composite video) input signal from a source such as a DVD player, cable box or satellite dish. It then converts the audio and video signals to a balanced and outputs them to three RJ -45 outputs. These outputs then transmit the balanced signal, via Cat -5 wire, to AudioControl BVR -20(s), located in up to three remote locations. The BVR -20 will output virtually perfect component video and digital audio to a remote display device (i.e. projector, monitor, or plasma).

The BVH -20 can accept and transmit a component video signal of 1080i, 720p, or 480 formats, plus a digital audio or composite video signal. A balanced signal distribution format is the universal standard in professional audio environments such as recording and broadcast studios where zero tolerance for noise and hum is the norm. Because of its design, balanced transmission inherently rejects the vast majority of any hum, noise, ground loops and distortion introduced along the signal path.

The BVH -20 is constructed using top -grade components and ultra -low -noise circuit designs derived from the company's professional audio and instrumentation background. The BVH -20 and BVR -20 are sold separately and like other members of AudioControl's balanced line series, they are backed by a solid five -year warranty.

AudioControl has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality, award -winning home and car audio components in the United States since 1977. The company's headquarters, including research and development, manufacturing and production facilities are located in Washington, in the heart of the rainforest of the Pacific Northwest.

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