The Next Generation of Remote Extender

The "Next Generation Remote Extender" not only "sees" through cabinets and walls - it works through them - and from room-to-room and even from outside the house.

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA - In 1938, Americans watched Superman use his X -ray vision for the first time. That was fiction. But fiction often foretells reality.

The "Next Generation Remote Extender" not only "sees" through cabinets and walls - it works through them - and from room -to -room and even from outside the house.

While other products claim to do the same thing, the "Next Generation Remote Extender" is the only one that allows you to convert your existing remote control by simply replacing one of the batteries in it with our Patented Battery Transmitter.

That means there's nothing else to buy.

Install the state -of -the -art dual frequency receiver, plug in the Bright Eye Emitter and you can now control all your electronics without having to be in the same room to turn something on, off or change the channel. The doors of the entertainment center or cabinet don't even have to be open.

Built for use with the cutting -edge technology of HDTV and Home Theater electronics, the "Next Generation Remote Extender" enables you to design your living room, family room or home theater room without having to allow for direct line of sight for your remote control.

The "Next Generation Remote Extender" emits infrared commands and radio frequency up to 150+ feet. It works through walls, floors and doors, enabling you to control VCRs, televisions, DVD players and satellite systems from any room in the house with cabinets open or shut using one remote control. You can even control your outside speakers without having to go inside the house to change channels or adjust the volume.

The kit comes complete with transmitter, receiver, Bright Eye Emitter, cord and power supply.

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