TERK TECHNOLOGIES ANNOUNCES ITS SIR-MINI, THE WORLD'S SMALLEST AFTERMARKET VEHICLE ANTENNA FOR SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO -Breakthrough Antenna Delivers Unmatched Reception from a Low Profile, Roof Mount Design That's Easy to Install -

Commack, NY, June 9, 2004 -TERK Technologies, a leader in antenna technology and custom installation signal management solutions, today announced the launch of its

SIR -MINI, the world's smallest aftermarket vehicle antenna for SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Designed to be virtually invisible when installed, the SIR -MINI is the ideal high -performance antenna for SIRIUS radio reception as well as an upgrade from any larger, older SIRIUS antenna. It's also a perfect companion purchase for consumers who are adding a SIRIUS tuner to a SIRIUS -ready head unit. The SIR -MINI (MSRP $49.95) is now shipping to retailers nationwide.

Bulky satellite radio antennas were once a necessity, but today's consumers expect solutions that discreetly blend with the progressive styling of modern vehicles. At its current size, the stealthy SIR -MINI isn't just TERK's latest innovation in automotive antennas, it's an elegant response to real -world demand.

Pat Comunale, Vice President of Sales for TERK Technologies pointed out: "By delivering high -performance antenna reception from an ultra -slim, streamlined design, the
SIR -MINI gives SIRIUS Satellite Radio subscribers the opportunity to experience clear, high -quality programming without diminishing the aesthetics of their vehicle. The
SIR -MINI is the perfect antenna for any car, SUV or minivan." Comunale continued, "The SIR -MINI enables 12 -volt dealers to supply SIRIUS Satellite Radio subscribers with the most advanced antenna solution on the market, and its introduction further demonstrates TERK's commitment to developing leading -edge antenna products for a wide array of applications."

The SIR MINI's easy -to -install roof mount design maximizes installation options and usability. Its ultra -strong magnetic base instantly installs without drilling into the vehicle, and it can be easily removed if the vehicle is sold or returned at the end of the lease. The 21 -foot micro -coax cable is long enough for installation in SUVs and trucks, and can be routed around window molding and through access holes for a fully professional installation.

About TERK

TERK Technologies is a leader in antenna technology and signal management solutions. TERK offers a broad range of products as a leader in antenna technology for TV, satellite, radio, and mobile entertainment and communications applications, and is dedicated to providing state -of the -art solutions for consumers as well as innovative marketing and merchandising solutions for its retail partners.

TERK's diverse product range includes indoor and outdoor HDTV, analog TV, satellite radio and analog radio antennas, DIRECTV satellite dishes, satellite/cable installation hardware and audio/video accessories. TERK also offers its T2 line of high -performance signal management products for the custom integrator market, and its Leapfrog wireless multi -room audio/video distribution and control systems. TERK is also the exclusive distributor of the XM Commander Universal Satellite Radio receiver for in -car reception of XM Satellite Radio.

Synonymous with style and quality, TERK's innovative and advanced technology engineering has earned the company numerous patents and industry awards.


For more information, contact:
Jennifer DuPriest
FM Group Public Relations
631.612.2400 ext. 4
jennifer.dupriest@fm -group.net

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