MEDIA ADVISORY: M.D. Manufacturing Celebrates Milestone 10th Anniversary

Ultra-Reliable Stealth Power Brush for M.D. Central Vacuums Survives And Thrives, Leaving $100 Award for First Snapped Belt Still in Effect


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M.D. Manufacturing Celebrates Milestone 10th Anniversary of Unclaimed Stealth 'Belt Bounty'

Ultra -Reliable Stealth Power Brush for M.D. Central Vacuums Survives And Thrives, Leaving $100 Award for First Snapped Belt Still in Effect

BAKERSFIELD, CA, June 16, 2004 - - M.D. Manufacturing, Inc., an award -winning specialist in the design and manufacture of high -performance whole -house central vacuum systems, celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of unbroken performance by its ultra -reliable Stealth Power Brush - and its offer of a $100 prize to the first customer to report a broken belt.

A decade ago, M.D. Manufacturing offered an unprecedented $100 to the first customer to report a broken timing belt on its revolutionary Stealth Power Brush, then and still the world's most technologically advanced power brush. To date, the Stealth 'belt bounty' remains unclaimed in a remarkable display of product longevity, quality and reliability.

The cogged, Fiberglas -reinforced belt is a key part of the revolutionary Stealth Power Brush, which was the first to employ integrated electronic circuitry. The Stealth's steadfastness under the rigors of regular cleaning by thousands of M.D. central vacuum customers demonstrates the foresight and durability of its unique microprocessor -based system.

"The Stealth Power Brush stands out in an age of cut corners and quick fixes," said Grant Olewiler, General Manager of M.D. Manufacturing. "It's long life and superb reliability demonstrate the superior construction, engineering, materials and design that transform our products into technically advanced power tools that encourage frequent use by making cleaning more effective and efficient."

In achieving its milestone, the Stealth used a built -in microprocessor to protect the motor and belt from overloads, to assist in adjusting the brush -height setting, to help reduce brush noise and vibration, and to extend the life of such key components as the belt, the bearings and the roller brush.

Additional features that contribute to the Stealth's exceptional performance include a powerful, durable motor, 13 pieces of sound -absorbing foam and rubber insulators, long -lasting Chevron -style roller bristles, highly efficient cushioned ball bearings, a Lexan base plate with serrated air channels for more uniform cleaning, non -marking rubber tires, a swivel neck, and the ability to stand upright.

The Stealth Power Brush is available individually and with accessories from authorized M.D. Manufacturing dealers.

Based in Bakersfield, California, M.D. Manufacturing has long been acclaimed for the quality, performance, and engineering design of its central vacuum cleaning systems. Family -owned and operated since its founding by Charles Emdy in 1961, the company has created an array of central vacuum systems and accessories designed to serve the needs of custom installation professionals as well as residential and commercial customers.

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For further information about M.D. Manufacturing, the health benefits and other aspects of its unique products, visit the extremely comprehensive web site in the central vacuum industry:

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