Net -Box™: your all -in -one home network appliance!

Connect your computers together, go wireless, share your Internet connection, control your email, host your web site, backup your files and access them from anywhere!

Axentra breaks networking complexity and cost barriers for consumers with Net -BoxTM, the world's first all -in -one home network appliance

Gatineau, (Canada) - - - June 2004. Today Axentra™ Corporation announced the introduction of Net -Box™, the first all -in -one home network appliance server to reach consumers. Priced from $399US and based on Axentra's leading networking, email, web and file server technology, Net -Box™ offers users a complete and unique way to manage their home Windows and Mac computers network, their email, files, addresses and calendar via an intuitive web interface or popular native Windows and Mac client applications. Users can also backup and synchronize automatically their computer's data to Net -Box™.

"We are excited to provide world's first home network all -in -one solution that is both extremely simple to use and very affordable" says Marc Benglia, CEO of Axentra Corporation. "Home computer users now want to share their internet access among several computers, manage their growing digital network efficiently, centrally store and backup their valuable documents, photos, videos or music files, get their own domain name and control their website and email accounts. That's what Net -Box™ is all about: finally allowing consumers to embrace the digital lifestyle."

Net -Box™ comes pre -installed and pre -configured so users can get going in just a few minutes.

With Net -Box™ home users can:

• Set up their home network in just a few minutes with Net -Box™'s wizard driven setup
• Easily manage their entire home network from one integrated web -based toolbox
• Network all their computers together (Net -Box™ is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible)
• Expand their network with built -in wireless (802.11g) access point features*
• Share their broadband connection among all their computers
• Create and control their own email addresses
• Keep hackers and spammers away from their network and their email
• Host their website and publish their photos and videos to the world
• Share their printers among all their computers
• Backup and synchronize their desktop files with their Net -Box™
• Access their files from anywhere from any platform
• Enjoy a fully integrated web -based productivity suite featuring email, contacts, calendar, file management, file sharing, photo publishing, notes and more!
• Use any IMAP email clients and LDAP PIM applications such as MS -Outlook, MS -Entourage, Netscape, Eudora Mail, or Mozilla to connect to their Net -Box™'s email and address book server

…and more!

Product line:
The Axentra™ HomeSeries line of home network appliances offers two models: Net -Box™ H -50, featuring 128 MB of RAM and an 80GB hard -drive, and Net -Box™ H -75, featuring 256 MB of RAM, a 120 GB hard drive, a more powerful processor and built -in 802.11g wireless access point features.

Net -Box™ H -50 will be available for a suggested retail price of $399US and Net -BoxTM H -75 will be available for a suggested retail price of $599US.


Net -Box™ H -50 and H -75 will be shipping by the end of May, 2004. They will be available at selected retail and online stores in the USA and Canada as well as on Axentra's Online Store (

* Net -Box™ H -50 is wireless ready and acts as a wireless device when combined with a USB to wireless adaptor or an Ethernet to wireless access point while Net -Box™ H -75 features a built -in Wi -Fi 802.11g wireless access point.

About Axentra:
Axentra, a pioneer in the development of server appliance systems for the SOHO market, offers leading edge yet affordable and easy to manage all -in -one web, email and file network server appliances. Axentra`s value proposition goes well beyond state -of -the -art networking equipment; it is about giving tens of millions of broadband Internet users total control over their digital environment. Axentra products are currently sold through leading computer resellers and e -commerce stores across North America.

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