Parasound Adds Phono Preamp and Speaker Selector to Mini 'Z -Series' for Custom Installers

These replace two earlier models, and they are the first of several new Z-Series products scheduled for introduction this year.

SAN FRANCISCO (6/08/04) - Parasound has added a new phono preamplifier and a speaker selector to its popular Z -Series of compact, half -rack -width "problem -solver" components for custom installation, commercial, or consumer audio systems. These replace two earlier models, and they are the first of several new Z -Series products scheduled for introduction this year.

The first problem is the lack of phono inputs on most modern audio components, without which it is impossible to play LP records on a turntable. Phono inputs are now found only on either very expensive high -end audiophile preamplifiers or some very cheap accessory devices. Parasound 's new Zphono (link to a more detailed press release) fills the gap by providing a very high -quality phono preamplifier gain stage with accurate RIAA equalization for a moderate retail price of $150. Zphono gain is switchable for both high -output moving magnet and low output moving -coil phono cartridges; its output is compatible with the standard line -level audio inputs used on all audio components.

The second problem is the insufficient number of speaker outputs available on audio receivers and amplifiers. Parasound Zselect (link to a more detailed press release) allows direct high -power connections and switching for up to five remote speaker systems. For custom installers and homeowners, Zselect makes it possible to provide multi -room sound without the complexity and cost of some of advanced home automation systems. It also protects the output stages of power amplifiers, with a switchable protective load when multiple speakers are selected.

Just one rack space (1 -3/4 inches) tall, and 9 -1/2 inches wide, Parasound's Z -Series products are half the width of traditional rack -mount components, making them ideal for bookshelves, or to fit two abreast in a standard 19 -inch professional equipment rack. Each uses audiophile -grade parts and design to provide solutions to everyday audio problems and to complement the functions of traditional full -size components.

Parasound's Z -series components feature appealing new styling to complement the sturdy build -quality that's a hallmark of the company's full -sized audio components. The units' front panels are one -half rack space wide with EIA rack mounting holes. An optional SBS side -by -side adaptor kit attaches two Z -series models together in an equipment rack. A blank adaptor panel can be used to mount a single component in a 19 -inch rack. Each model also includes no -mar isolation feet for standalone use.

The Parasound Zphono is currently available at a suggested retail price of $150. The Zselect is currently available at a suggested retail price of $130. Additional models in the half -rack sized Z -Series line, including an audiophile -grade amplifier, RS 232 -controlled FM/AM stereo tuner, and stereo preamplifier, will be introduced over the coming months.

Founded in 1981, Parasound Products, Inc., is a privately owned U.S. company that specializes in providing affordable audio and home theater components to the critical listener. Parasound's products are available from quality audio/video retailers, and select custom installation specialists. For more information, visit or call 415 -397 -7100.

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