These next-generation electronics from Japan and around the world are available exclusively in the U.S. at

(June 1, 2004 - CHICAGO, TOKYO, LONDON) -, the leading U.S. retailer of next -generation electronics from Japan and around the globe, announced today that it will have several new products for sale, including the world's first TV -Watch. These next -generation electronics from Japan and around the world are available exclusively in the U.S. at and exclusively in the U.K. at Here are the new products:

TV -Watch by NHJ - It's not from The Jetsons, but it is from Japan. The futuristic TV -watch has a 1.5" TFT and earphones that double as an antenna. The Sony -made internal tuner surfs all VHF and UHF channels. Wear this unparalleled conversation -starter and never miss an important playoff moment or news event again!

Samsung X30 - The Samsung X30 features a huge display (15.4" widescreen TFT), but is only 1.03" thick and weighs 5.28 pounds. The Centrino -based platform features integrated Bluetooth and Wifi, and accepts up to 2GB RAM.

Sony Vaio U50/U70 - The latest incarnation of the incredibly popular U -series, the Sony Vaio U50/U70, weighs only 1.2 pounds! Yet, it is a full -featured PC with 1ghz Intel Centrino processor and Windows XP. The U50/U70 measures 6.6 x 4.3 x 1.0 inches (16.7 x 10.8 x 2.6cm) and features a 5" transflective touchscreen TFT. The U -series hybrid platform combines full Windows XP functionality with PDA -like portability.

Sharp Mebius CV50 - The book -shaped Sharp Mebius CV50 easily fits a small attache bag or large purse. The 1.94 pound laptop features a widescreen 7.2" WXGA screen and 1ghz Transmeta Efficeon processor. For fast and easy data transfer, you can plug the CV50's HDD directly into your other PC (via included cable), and the drive is recognized under Windows. The Tom Schnherr -designed Mebius CV50 chassis is available in black or white.

World's Thinnest 5mp Camera - The Sony DSC -T11 is a follow -on to the immensely popular DSC -T1. The T11 is even thinner than the T1 and features a sporty handle that makes it easy to carry - -both new features added to make the camera more easily portable. The T11 takes great 5mp pictures and has many modes of operation. Pre -order now for FREE 2nd -day shipping and early May availability. (Free shipping for US customers only.)

About Japanese Electronics

Whether they come from a Japanese maker like Sony or a U.S. maker like IBM, consumer electronics in Japan are the most innovative and advanced in the world. Products that would never come to market in the U.S., because they're too niche -oriented or pricey, regularly appear on Japanese shelves. makes these products available to consumers worldwide.


Founded in 1997, drives the most advanced consumer electronics technology from Japan and around the world to the U.S. market and was recently named one of 2003 "Top 100 Sites You Can't Live Without" according to PC Magazine. The retailer couples next -generation products -ultralight performance notebooks, subnotebooks, slimtops, PDAs, phones, and other gadgets -with premium customer service, including lifetime toll -free tech support and 1 -year FedEx rescue service. For more information, please visit or call 1.800.711.6277

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