The latest product to feature Linn's SILVER DISK ENGINE™ universal disc playing technology, the UNIDISK SC player is designed to facilitate access to all the new high-definition music and movie formats.

UNIDISK SC player, Linn's new universal disc playing source and control component, is now shipping. The UNIDISK SC player is a complete precision -engineered, high -fidelity audio and video source component with integrated surround -sound processing and control. The latest product to feature Linn's SILVER DISK ENGINE™ universal disc playing technology, the UNIDISK SC player is designed to facilitate access to all the new high -definition music and movie formats and deliver superb high -quality multi -channel playback.

At the launch of the UNIDISK SC player, Linn's founder and Managing Director Ivor Tiefenbrun said:

"UNIDISK SC is simply the most significant integrated product from Linn. Our unique expertise in the fields of universal disc playback, integration and control has helped create the best integrated home entertainment product available. UNIDISK SC is a complete pitch -accurate AV source and control product offering by far the highest standards of performance and easily the best value product on the market. A new generation of Linn multi -channel product, UNIDISK SC provides all you need to access and control music and movies across all quality audio and video formats. Only Linn's integrated design and manufacturing capability can deliver such advanced technology."

The UNIDISK SC player automatically recognises and plays high quality audio and video disc formats configuring playback almost instantly. Uniquely amongst the so -called 'universal' solutions, the Linn designed and manufactured SILVER DISK ENGINE™ identifies source material and outputs signals in their native format. CD, Super Audio CD, DVD -Video and DVD -Audio are therefore handled independently and optimised with the precise decoding solution for which they were designed, making the UNIDISK SC player the only no -compromise universal source and control component.

The UNIDISK SC player is designed to be the central component within a multi -channel entertainment system, offering straightforward access to the sensational world of high -fidelity multi -channel music and movies. The UNIDISK SC player also offers exemplary digital decoding for secondary sources, allowing the buyer to enjoy satellite television, console gaming or a secondary 2 -channel audio source in full 5.1 surround sound without the need for a separate system controller. With both fixed and variable audio outputs the UNIDISK SC player can be connected to a conventional 5 -channel pre -amplifier or connected straight into multi -channel amplification.

The UNIDISK SC player incorporates a comprehensive range of video outputs including progressive scan, component, S -Video and composite. Phono analogue outputs facilitate access to stereo and multi -channel audio playback with SPDIF and optical digital audio outputs streaming CD and DVD related data.

The UNIDISK SC player offers control and decoding for a wide range of external sources. Two SPDIF inputs and two TOSLINK inputs interface to four digital sources, and four additional analogue inputs enable the UNIDISK SC player to decode a total of eight secondary sources. Video switching is also supported allowing the user to link audio and video streams. 5.1 decode options include Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, dts and AAC, and all Dolby bass re -direct modes are supported.

A wide variety of interface options to control the UNIDISK SC player are supported. The powerful and user -friendly discrete fascia assembly enables simple direct control with a large clear digital display and informative on -screen graphics, and it will also operate via a comprehensive luminous remote handset. Additionally, the UNIDISK SC player offers an RS232 control interface and will integrate seamlessly with KNEKT multi -user multi -zone systems.

The UNIDISK SC player is available now in black and sliver finishes from authorised Linn retailers and Linn custom installation companies world -wide.


UK Retail (inc VAT) GBP 2,995
US Retail (ex Tax) USD 4,995
Canadian Retail (Ex Tax) CAD 6,500
Europe (Ex tax) EUR 3,995
Sweden (inc tax) SEK 45,500
Norway (inc tax) NOK 41,000
Denmark (inc tax) DKK 36,850

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