Jungo and Gteko Make Home Network Setup Easy

New RGSetup Wizard from Gteko optimized for Jungo`s OpenRG software, automates initial set-up process of OpenRG-based routers and gateways, lowering total support cost for OEMs

SAN JOSE, Calif. And TEL -AVIV, Israel, May 24, 2004 - Gteko Ltd., a leading provider of support automation software solutions, and Jungo Software Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of residential/SOHO gateway software, announced today the introduction of the RGSetup Wizard, a new PC based setup wizard that simplifies initial configuration of home networks using routers and gateways powered by Jungo's OpenRG.

The RGSetup Wizard is a fully automated wizard running on one of the LAN PCs, providing home users with a step -by -step mechanism to configure their PC and router and install a home network. The Wizard's fully automated setup process is achieved through system diagnostics and configuration of both the PC and the OpenRG -based routers and gateways, making it a powerful differentiator for PC OEMs, router vendors and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The RGSetup Wizard supports major types of broadband and home networking devices including cable -routers, xDSL and stand -alone routers.
"The RGSetup Wizard further simplifies home network installations by automating both PC and router configuration," said Yaal Eshel, Marketing Director of Jungo. "Integrating Gteko's PC -based support automation software with Jungo's gateway software enables painless configuration of otherwise complicated environments."

"Jungo's market leading position as software provider for home/SOHO gateways ensures that the RGSetup Wizard will be compatible with a wide range of devices using OpenRG," said Arnon Catalan, VP BD of Gteko.

Unlike common setup wizards which only configure the router/residential gateway, the RGSetup Wizard also configures the LAN PC. Furthermore, the RGSetup Wizard takes advantage of Gteko's diagnostic capabilities to conduct a fully automated configuration process, minimizing the need to prompt the user for system and router information.

The RGSetup Wizard is available for evaluation as a downloadable executable file from Jungo.

About Jungo Software Technologies
Jungo Software Technologies is a leading supplier of driver development tools, hardware access applications, residential gateway software and embedded USB solutions. Jungo offers integrated reference designs with several of the most influential global silicon vendors, enabling is customers to simplify device development cycles, improve performance and accelerate time to market. Jungo is a privately held company with corporate offices in San Jose, California, sales and support offices in Taipei, Texas and London and an R&D center in Israel. Founded in 1998, Jungo's investors include Conexant Systems, Infineon Ventures, Intel Communications Fund, Partech International and Telesoft Partners. The company's website is located at www.jungo.com.

About Gteko Ltd.
Gteko is a leading provider of support automation software solutions (eSupport) that enhance and expand automated and remote technical support capabilities. Gteko's products enable PC & peripherals manufacturers, Internet Service Providers, Software Vendors and corporate IT departments with large technical support centers to improve service quality and substantially reduce call center costs. Gteko's comprehensive support suite is currently successfully deployed by industry leaders such as AOL, HP, NEC, Canon and Lenovo who are providing support services to tens of millions of users worldwide. To find out more about Gteko, please visit the company's website at www.gteko.com.

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