The product is derived from technology developed for Linn's award-winning flagship KLIMAX Kontrol pre-amplifier, so exceptional results come as standard.

EXOTIK, Linn's latest pre -amplifier development, is available to order now. EXOTIK is a new multi -channel audio pre -amplifier product that offers purist audio performance and access to and control of the new generation of multi -channel sound formats without compromise. The product is derived from technology developed for Linn's award -winning flagship KLIMAX Kontrol pre -amplifier, so exceptional results come as standard.

The EXOTIK offers superb audio performance from both two and multi -channel source material. This flexibility makes EXOTIK an extremely attractive proposition for the high -fidelity music enthusiast. For pure 2 -channel performance, EXOTIK will consistently exceed expectations. For the audio enthusiast who is tempted by the latest multi -channel audio formats, such as SACD and DVD -Audio, EXOTIK partners a multi -format source product perfectly.

Combined with a Linn UNIDISK player, the maximum performance possible can be extracted from the latest multi -channel formats including SACD and DVD -Audio. In addition, an RS232 link enables automatic pre -selection of the most appropriate decoding algorithm or analogue channels determined by the disc type being played when used with a UNIDISK, making it an ideal partner product.

The EXOTIK pre -amplifier is extremely flexible to accommodate different speaker set -ups, providing optimum performance, supporting bass redirect, stereo sub algorithm and LoRo analog 5.1 to stereo downmixes.

A digital variant of the product is planned for September 2004, the EXOTIK+DA. The EXOTIK+DA is an enhanced product which includes an additional digital audio module for processing of all major audio algorithms, including Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II & Music mode, AAC Surround, MPEG Surround, DTS Surround, DTS 96/24, DTS CD, DTS EX Matrix & Discrete. This means movies or music available only in stereo can be enjoyed in the latest multi -channel surround formats for an authentic cinematic sound experience.

The EXOTIK+DA product has on -board processing capabilities to enable those who already own a two -channel source product (e.g. a GENKI or IKEMI CD player) to enjoy their existing CD collection in a multi -channel surround format, without upgrading to a multi -channel source product. A digital audio module will be available as an upgrade to enable EXOTIK owners to access EXOTIK+DA product functionality at a later date.

Both versions of the EXOTIK pre -amplifier feature RC5 input and output sockets for direct integration with other Linn products and incorporate a proprietary user interface, for fast and simple set -up and ease of control. Integrated KNEKT Line Driver and Line Receiver functionality enable both EXOTIK products to be seamlessly introduced into a new or existing KNEKT multi -user, multi -room audio distribution system.

The EXOTIK pre -amplifier exemplifies Linn's commitment to delivering new products which exploit the full potential of the latest technology and audio formats whilst continuing to support existing Linn customers with improved performance and superb value.


UK Retail inc. Tax £ 1,750
USA ex. Tax $ 3,250
Canada ex. Tax CAN$ 4,350
Europe ex. Tax 2,300
Sweden inc. Tax SEK 26,500
Norway inc. Tax NOK 23,500
Denmark inc. Tax DKK 21,500

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