Silicon Optix will be demonstrating its Image AnyPlace™ video scaler during the 2004 Home Entertainment Show (HE2004) in New York City, May 20-23, in Room 610 at the NY Hilton.

New York, NY…(May 20, 2004)…Silicon Optix will be demonstrating its Image AnyPlace™ video scaler during the 2004 Home Entertainment Show (HE2004) in New York City, May 20 -23, in Room 610 at the NY Hilton. Ideal for professional projector installers and home -theater enthusiasts alike, Image AnyPlace features professional -quality high -definition de -interlacing (ensuring image fidelity) and exclusive Silicon Optix's eWARP™? engine (for maximum flexibility in projector placement and curved -surface projection). The HE2004 demonstration will provide consumers unique perspective on Silicon Optix's technology usually reserved for industry members during trade shows.

With the Image AnyPlace scaler, projectors placed almost anywhere in a room can now easily adjust for non -standard projection angles to the screen while maintaining high image fidelity. AnyPlace™ technology supports off -axis projector placement of up to +/ -40 degrees horizontally and +/ -30 degrees vertically, enabling unprecedented placement flexibility and versatility in virtually any viewing environment.

"The Image AnyPlace video scaler allows for extreme placement of your front -projection system. In most homes, space is at a premium, and dedicating a space specifically for a home theater is just not possible. With the help of Silicon Optix's Image AnyPlace technology, consumers can transform a living room or bedroom into a screening room - without compromising the design or set up required for everyday use. A projector can be discreetly placed in a room, making the space multifunctional, yet comfortable and inviting for either purpose," said Steve Wood, Vice President of Silicon's Optix System Group.

"The Image AnyPlace scaler is a dream solution for installers, allowing the projector to blend into any setting and deliver exactly what the client envisioned - a perfect image," said Mark Lehman, president of EDCOM, a reseller and installer of commercial and home projection systems. "Technical challenges such as preventing shadows and hiding the projector are easily solved with this solution."

The Image AnyPlace scaler also enables projection onto curved or domed viewing surfaces with the optional eWARP software.

In addition to its exclusive flexibility in placement and curved -surface projection, the Image AnyPlace product also features:
• Ability to take a wide range of signal inputs: HDTV, VGA to SXGA, NTSC/PAL, S -video, component video
• SD de -interlacing (motion adaptive with advanced diagonal processing and film 3:2 detection)
• DVI and VGA outputs
• HD de -interlacing (1080i to 720p)
• Region -based panoramic scaling for plasmas and flat -panel displays
• High -quality 65 -tap scaling
• Extreme keystone correction (+/ -40° H & +/ -30° V) while maintaining aspect ratio and avoiding moiré artifacts
• Aspect ratio conversion (with non -linear stretch)
• Gamma correction
• Input window positioning

Now available at an MSRP of $2,495

(eWARP software is an additional $1,495)

About Silicon Optix:
Silicon Optix Inc., a privately held fabless semiconductor company, is the leading supplier of advanced digital image processing integrated circuits focused on the capture, transmission, and display of digital visual information. Silicon Optix`s highly patented IC products enable the convergence of digital image processing and optical system design, making possible a variety of new product categories that could not be economically realized with existing technologies. Silicon Optix is the first company to deliver high -performance electronic components that optimize the overall image processing/optical systems present in many existing and emerging applications. Silicon Optix is headquartered in San Jose, California, with R&D and operations located at the company`s Canadian subsidiary in Toronto, Ontario. For more information about Silicon Optix, please visit the company`s Web site at


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