Proprietary Product Allows SmarthomeLive Users to Control Home Devices, View and Monitor Home, Family and Valuables Via Internet Without PC

LAS VEGAS - Smarthome, Inc., the world's leading provider of home automation products and personal gadgets, today introduced its PowerLincä IP, a compact module that allows users to remotely control, monitor or receive messages from home automation devices via SmarthomeLive(tm) without the need for a PC. The product was announced at the International Security Conference West in Las Vegas, March 31 through April 2, 2004.

PowerLinc IP controls devices that incorporate PLC/X10 technology, the de facto home automation standard that connects devices via the home's existing electrical wiring. Because it runs on its own internal software, the product can replace a PC when controlling or monitoring home automation devices remotely.

The product works in conjunction with SmarthomeLive, a home automation service that allows users to control a variety of home electronics, to view and monitor their homes, family and valuables, and receive alerts from motion -detection, temperature and other monitoring devices via any Web browser in the world.

Previously, SmarthomeLive users were required to maintain a powered -on PC in their homes to utilize the online service from Smarthome, which can be impractical for monitoring vacation homes or for longer trips away from home.

"With PowerLinc IP, homeowners can experience the reassurance of reliable remote control and monitoring of their home automation devices in addition to receiving alerts, all without a home -based PC," said Joe Dada, president and CEO of Smarthome, Inc. based in Irvine, Calif. "The product is part of Smarthome's mission to bring the highest level of quality and satisfaction to the home automation experience."

About the size of a deck of cards, PowerLinc IP simply plugs into the back of an Internet router and electrical outlet. No re -configuration of the Internet service provider's security firewall is required. Also, PowerLinc will not "crash" like a PC and will return to use even after a power outage.

Two versions of SmarthomeLive service are available:

SmarthomeLive Vision - At $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually, this top -of -the -line service allows users to monitor the home via IP -video cameras and remotely control lights, appliances, thermostats, audio and video devices, and more. Users can be notified by e -mail or text message when any scheduled event takes place, if an alarm system is set off or if a motion sensor is triggered. In addition, SmarthomeLive Vision offers homeowners the ability to archive images, log activities and alerts for later review.

SmarthomeLive Action - SmarthomeLive Action allows users to monitor the home and remotely control lights, appliances, thermostat, audio and video devices and more for a monthly fee of $7.99 or annual fee of $79.99. In addition, users receive an e -mail or text message alert when scheduled events occur, the alarm system is set off or a motion sensor is triggered. SmarthomeLive Action does not allow remote camera monitoring or logging of activity and notifications.

PowerLinc IP technology is also available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for products that would benefit from remote control, monitoring or alert capabilities.

Available in late April 2004, PowerLinc IP will sell for $104.99 through authorized distributors or its distribution division SmarthomePRO. For more information visit the Web site at, or call 1 -800 -SMART -45. More information about SmarthomeLive can be found at

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