Robotic Cameraman for Your Camcorder

PowerPod is a USB device that pans and tilts a camcorder.

May 1, 2004. Until now, camcorders required people to point them manually.

Eagletron's new PowerPod robotic mount now does this automatically under the control of a PC.
PowerPod comes with sophisticated driver software that remotely controls a camcorder's
movement over the Internet, automatically pans and tilts it to track motion, or moves it through a
pre -programmed pattern of movement.

Priced at $169.95, PowerPod is affordable enough for anyone to set a camcorder up as a highresolution
webcam that online viewers can move. Yet it is also powerful enough for sophisticated
videoconferencing and surveillance.
Uses include broadcasting a clear video image for videoconferencing while easily keeping the
camera pointed at a subject moving around the room.

The PowerPod is also ideal for keeping an
eye on a home or business. Pan/tilt capability allows a single camera to monitor a large space.
Superior high -resolution camcorder video eliminates the grainy picture quality common to other
surveillance devices.

Some of PowerPod's advanced features include the ability to control camcorder optical zoom via
software (in compatible camcorders) and the ability to view video and control movement from a
web -enabled cell phone when you're on the road.
Optional DVdriver software allows the use of picture -perfect camcorder video in any application
that works with a webcam, such as popular instant messaging and chat programs.

First of its kind on the market, PowerPod is manufactured by Eagletron Inc., maker of the popular
TrackerPod® robotic system for webcams.

For additional information on PowerPod, see Eagletron's web site,

ABOUT EAGLETRON: For over 4 years, Eagletron Inc. has been creating innovative PC
products that combine optics and robotics.


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