Crestron's XM Tuner allows the listener to display and search among all the songs playing, simultaneously, at any particular moment on all 100 XM channels and dynamically select any song of choice any time.

NEW YORK, Home Entertainment Show, May 20, 2004 - Now an integral part of the Total Home Technology package, the C2N -TXM XM Satellite Radio Tuner is one of the featured Crestron products at the Home Entertainment Show in New York City.

Crestron's C2N -TXM XM Tuner has hit the market at a time when Satellite Radio is really starting to take off. The C2N -TXM connects directly to the XM Radio antenna and is controlled via any Crestron touchpanel. From any wireless or Isys™ touchpanel, the listener can search from XM`s 100 channels of programming, with an onscreen display of the song playing, as well as the artist name and the XM Channel number. The tuner also provides two -way feedback to and from the control system.

In concert with a Crestron control system, the C2N -TXM allows for a variety of unique search options, including the ability to display all the songs that are playing simultaneously at any particular moment on XM`s 100 channels and search among them.

If a favorite song is found while scrolling through the list of currently playing songs, simply choosing that song on a Crestron touchpanel will immediately tune into that XM station. When used in conjunction with Crestron`s CNX -PAD8A or CNX -BIPAD8 audio distribution processor and wide range of touchpanels, multiple tuners can be added to the system to allow full two -way interactive control for mutli -room listening and control.

Florida`s largest independent custom electronics team, Crestron dealer Audio Advisors in West Palm Beach, has installed 6 -8 tuners since they began shipping two months ago. System designer Eric Bergstedt is a fan of the medium and the product.

"With all of the outputs, you can hook it up to just about anything and it's very versatile," explained Bergstedt, who reports that the dealership has at least a dozen more jobs with the C2N -TXM specified. "Its ability to integrate is awesome. You get full feedback and total access to favorites, which something customers really love."

Crestron also provides additional software tool support for the C2N -TXM. In addition to a standard XM radio control interface, the C2N -TXM can be utilized with a SIMPL+ software module that Crestron will supply to implement the XM program guide, which allows the user to see what is playing on each station without having to actually tune to that station.

The C2N -TXM joins Crestron's range of tuners that include the C2N -TFM FM Tuner and the new C2N -TAMWX for both AM radio band and weather band.

For more information on the C2N -TXM XM Satellite Radio Tuner, visit Crestron's Booth at the Home Entertainment Show or visit us online at

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