On display at the New York Hilton, only Crestron delivers Total Home Technology to manage, integrate and control all the systems and technologies that keep us comfortable, entertained and secure.

NEW YORK, Home Entertainment Show, May 20, 2004 - With the industry's broadest array of systems and solutions that easily integrate into the world's most comprehensive whole -house environment, Crestron will feature its entire catalogue of Total Home Technology at the Home Entertainment Show in New York City.

Among the offerings Crestron is featuring at the Home Entertainment Show are our award -winning Isys™ Touchpanels and 2 -Series Control Systems, each the standard for high -end home automation, providing instant fingertip control of all the home's electronic devices.

Crestron will also highlight the latest in our popular line of handheld wireless touchpanels, the STX -1700CXP, featuring 2.4 GHz spread spectrum and a 150 -foot range.

Also in the spotlight are Crestron's two low -cost handheld RF remote control units, the ML -500 MiniLCD RF Handheld Remote and the WPR -48 Waterproof Handheld Remote. Crestron's new generation of functional and stylish architectural keypads are also prominently showcased.

Crestron control systems at HES include the newest in our award -winning lineup of full -featured 2 -Series control systems - the MC2W and MC2E, as well as the QM -RMC "mini" control system for networked single room control.

The Total Crestron Home Technology Package also includes innovative and unique solutions for Audio and Video Distribution that deliver music from any audio source, and video from security cameras, DVD players and VCRs, to any room of the house.

Crestron is also featuring a new range of tuners by introducing the new C2N -TFM FM Tuner, the new C2N -TXM Tuner for XM Satellite Radio and the new C2N -TAMWX Tuner for AM radio and weather band.

To create the ultimate Digital Home Theater Experience, Crestron is showcasing our 7.1 DTS® / Dolby Digital® Surround Sound Processor, and our amazing DVP4DI Digital Video Processor with image -enhancing technology for the display of up to 4 high -resolution video/computer windows on a single screen. The most dazzling, theater -quality viewing and listening experience is now available from one source - Crestron.

Lighting control brings convenience and security to today's lifestyle. The Crestron Home Technology Package includes LightSource™ by Crestron, our complete line of lighting control products including in -wall dimmers and keypads available in a variety of finishes and configurations to match any décor. Among the new Crestron lighting offerings include the new CLW -DIMS wall box dimmer.

Crestron's Total Home Technology Package also includes intelligent thermostats with temperature and humidity sensors, intercoms, and the ability to control everything over the Internet with Crestron e -Control2™.

For more information on the Total Home Technology Package, visit us on the Home Entertainment Show floor or visit us online at

Featured Product

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

ELK Products -M1 GOLD with Two-Way Wireless

The M1 Gold Security & Automation Control combines security, fire, energy management, lighting, and access control to provide total control of the home. Easily integrating with products of industry partner manufacturers, M1 controls offer a truly customized solution. With remote access capabilities and simple, user-friendly interfaces, M1 keeps homeowners informed and in control, anytime, anywhere! ELK's Two-Way Wireless family of products for the M1 offers a truly secure and reliable wireless solution with cutting edge techniques such as frequency hopping and UL approved jamming detection to defend against interference, hacking, and jamming. Advanced features ensure reliability, extend battery life, and provide innovative security enhancements including wirelessly interconnected smoke detectors, motion detectors with built-in security/convenience lights, and key fobs with a system status inquiry button, allowing users to see if an alarm has been activated before entering the home.