WireTracks partners with WindsorONE to develop a solution for rewiring old houses with plaster

WireTracks LLC has partnered with WindsorONE to create a solution to the wiring problem facing owners of older homes with plaster walls.

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Seattle, WA, April 2004 - WireTracks LLC has partnered with WindsorONE to create a solution to the wiring problem facing owners of older homes with plaster walls.

"With WireTracks wiring channels," explains Bruce Gutman, "you can add new wiring anywhere within your house as long as you have wallboard or sheetrock. But, for owners of plaster wall houses, there simply aren't many options. With this solution, homeowners will be able to use high -quality, period -authentic moldings, yet have the flexibility that WireTracks provides."

The following graphic shows a profile of the new solution:

As you can see, the WireTracks wiring channel is surface mounted and the WindsorONE baseboard molding is routed out to accept the wiring channel cover. When snapped together, the baseboard molding will be flush with the wall. To add new wiring, simply remove the baseboard/cover assembly, run the wiring, and snap it closed.

"We feel this is a perfect solution for people who are doing light remodeling on their homes and want to maintain its historic integrity," explains Craig Flynn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at WindsorONE, "WireTracks and WindsorONE will bring new technologies to old homes, invisibly and elegantly."

About WireTracks
WireTracks LLC manufactures a line of wiring channel products that enable building owners to add new low -voltage wiring (home theater, cable television, computer networking, and so on) to their homes or businesses invisibly.

For more information about WireTracks wiring channel systems, contact Bruce Gutman at 206 -361 -6110 or bruce@wiretracks.com. Or, visit the WireTracks website at www.wiretracks.com.

About WindsorONE
WindsorONE is a manufacturer of the very highest quality trim boards, specialty boards, and moldings. For further information about their products, visit www.WindsorONE.com/.

For more information about WindsorONE, contact Craig Flynn at caflynn@windsorone.com or 888 -229 -7900. Or, visit the WindsorONE website at www.WindsorONE.com.

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