Faithful to Totem's commitment to the utmost in quality and value the RAINMAKER weathers all situations. Its impressive Sonics and aesthetics will astound you, all with a retail far less than you would expect.

Making its début for the first time to the general public the highly anticipated Rainmaker has finally arrived. Although moderately priced, the RAINMAKER possesses the same impeccable cabinetry as higher priced Totem models. Costing the same in mahogany and black ash, and with cherry and maple as optional finishes, the RAINMAKER boasts quality lock -miter joint bracing and internal high -tech borosilicate damping. Elegant, slim, classic…its lines guarantee long -term aesthetic appeal

The Rainmaker was conceived as a hi -quality alternative transducer, demonstrating considerable refinement and compatibility with most electronics. This Totem product, with its unwillingness to compromise, is conveniently sized, dynamic, rhythmic and faithful to music.

TOTEM ACOUSTIC is dedicated to developing loudspeakers capable of reproducing a truly musical and involving performance. Our goal is to provide designs that are both affordable and real "soul movers" for the music lover. The name, "TOTEM ACOUSTIC" was chosen as an ongoing symbolic representation of this vision. To native North Americans, the Totem represents an entity that chooses an individual and then acts as a guiding force for that person during his or her lifetime. Totem acoustic is a bridge to higher musical awareness.

We invite you to visit us and all our products at our HOME ENTERTAINEMENT expo in room 629

let the Totem choose you............

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Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Light sockets; Not just for lights anymore

Smart Bulbs are out there and they can do far more then just provide light. Speakers, projectors, wi-fi extenders and more. The standard light socket that is wired up and ready to go in nearly every home in North America is now providing an easy and affordable option for home owners and renters alike to enter into the world of the "Smart Home". Here is a look at some of the Smart Bulbs and Smart Lighting options out there, and this list is just the beginning. In this ongoing article we hope to continue to add to and grow this list, so stay tuned!