EmergeCore Seals $3.35 Million Contract in Kuwait for Award -Winning IT IN A BOX(R)

Distribution contract includes all EmergeCore products for the coming two years

May 5, 2004, Boise, Idaho -EmergeCore Networks today announced an additional partnership in its worldwide distribution of the IT IN A BOX(R). In an exclusive contract with Zeyad Al -Saleh Trading and Contracting Company, EmergeCore will distribute $3.35 million in IT -100 all -in -one network appliance products and applications to the Kuwait marketplace over the coming two years.

Beginning immediately, Zeyad Al -Saleh Company will distribute U.S. versions of the EmergeCore products to small business, ISPs and branch office customers throughout Kuwait. As with other international partners, Zeyad Al -Saleh will be working closely with EmergeCore in the development of localized versions of the company's products as well.

"For nearly a year, we have been reading the continuous and extremely positive press coverage of the IT -100 throughout the U.S.," said Zeyad Al -Saleh, president and CEO of the Zeyad Al -Saleh Trading and Contracting Company. "We are excited about the tremendous opportunity we have to introduce this product family to the emerging marketplace in Kuwait."

As a former U.S. businessman who completed his education at Boston University, Zeyad Al -Saleh is accustomed to introducing the best of the new U.S. innovations to the emerging market for technology products in Kuwait.

"As we work to expand the distribution of this very successful product, we are especially excited to introduce this increasingly progressive region to the IT IN A BOX family of products," said Dave Brown, president and CEO of EmergeCore. "With EmergeCore's integrated solutions, we are focused on bringing state -of -the art functionality to small organizations everywhere, at a fraction of the cost of traditional networks and with no IT experience required."

For small to medium -sized businesses (SMB) or branch offices, the IT -100 eliminates the need for costly IT support. Even a non -technical person can set up and manage these all -in -one solutions through the CoreVista Web® browser interface. There's no software installation required.

The GUI windows -like interface of the CoreVista Web software is so simple even a non -technical staff member could set up the network in minutes. The resulting network can support PCs, Macintosh workstations and Unix machines -basically any device with an Ethernet or wireless access point, including laptops, Tablet PCs and PDAs.

For more information about the EmergeCore family of products, please contact www.emergecore.com.

About EmergeCore

Founded in September 2000, EmergeCore Networks is focused on the further development of IT IN A BOX®, IT -100 all in one networking solutions for small business and branch office customers. To reduce costs and simplify IT solutions, small businesses are focusing on simple, easy to manage technologies. EmergeCore Networks developed the IT -100 specifically to address the infrastructure technology needs of the small business customer. The IT -100 all in one IT solution provides the support, services and functionality required for the small business owner.

EmergeCore is a private company based in Boise, Idaho. For more information about EmergeCore, readers can visit the company's website at www.emergecore.com.

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