ADCOM Once Again Delivers Remarkable Performance and Exceptional Value

Scottsdale, AZ - May 2004: ADCOM, the industry¹s legendary component manufacturer who revolutionized the power amplifier market, has just released another breakthrough multichannel tuner/preamp. The GTP -860II is as astonishing in performance as it is in price and operational simplicity. This remarkable home theater processor is designed for the multitude of available source material, making it exceptionally versatile for any number of environments.

According to Ron James, ADCOM¹s vice president of sales and marketing, "Reliability and performance are critical design components for all of our products. But equally important to us is how easy the product is to operate for the consumer. We don¹t add meaningless features, which only serve to needlessly complicate the product and raise its price. ADCOM¹s GTP -860II is easy to understand and operate, and delivers outstanding audio and video performance. At the same time, it is very versatile and simple to set up for a wide variety of custom home theater applications."

The GTP -860II offers ADCOM¹s proprietary 7.1m2 rear channel stereo matrix, which creates a fuller sense of ambiance from rear channels than other 6.1 or 7.1 matrices. In addition to improved spatiality, ADCOM 7.1m2 allows all seven channels to operate regardless of whether the source material is 5.1 digital or (in combination with Dolby ProLogic II) analog.

ADCOM¹s GTP -860II 7.1 multichannel tuner/preamp retails for $1,500 and is available now. It features Dolby DigitalŒ, Dolby ProLogic IIŒ and DTSŒ processing. In addition, the GTP -860II offers RS232 automation interface, all discrete IR coding, and 6 source -direct outputs for multi -zone applications. The Adcom GTP -860II, available in silver or black finish, comes with a five year parts and labor warranty.

About ADCOM: Established in 1971, ADCOM revolutionized the idea of low price and high performance in separate audio components, redefining the idea of value in the marketplace. For more than 30 years, Adcom has devoted itself to developing products that perform at the cutting edge of technology, while offering exceptional reliability and value to discerning consumers. A division of Klein Technology Group, LLC located in Scottsdale, Arizona, ADCOM has received numerous awards for innovative technology, reliability and performance.

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