PSB Redesigns the Highly -Acclaimed Image Series Loudspeakers

PSB Speakers, the Canadian manufacturer long renowned for their affordable high-performance loudspeakers, have begun shipping the newly designed Image Series loudspeakers.

PSB Redesigns the Highly -Acclaimed

Image Series Loudspeakers

Offering eight new models with more stylized cosmetics
and all new drivers and materials

PSB Speakers, Pickering, ON, April 27th, 2004 - PSB Speakers, the Canadian manufacturer long renowned for their affordable high -performance loudspeakers, have begun shipping the newly designed Image Series loudspeakers.
With a total of eight new models, the Images Series is comprised of three tower models, the T45, T55 and T65. Additionally, there are two mini monitors, the B15 and B25. The line also offers two dedicated center channel speakers, the C40 and C 60 plus the S50, a bipole surround speaker. All current SubSonic subwoofers can be integrated with any Image speaker configuration depending on room size and system configuration. Each model in the series is timbrally and cosmetically matched so any number of combinations can be created to suite any listening and home theater environment.
Barton says, `Over the years I've found that any time I re -look at one of the speakers I've designed, I can always find new ways to improve upon the design, with regard to both performance and cosmetics. The Image Series was no exception and I believe the improvements we made will be widely accepted.`
Rather than implementing various minor upgrades, PSB Speakers chose to evolve Image from the ground -up. Every new model utilizes new cabinetry, tweeters, midranges, woofers, crossovers and port technology. These new designs culminate to produce striking aesthetics and accomplished performance.

Some of the consumer advantages with the new line include:
A new contoured cabinet design provides Image with broader appeal and a softer visual statement and its shaped profile enhances dispersion and diminishes unwanted sonic diffractions, contributing to an overall flatter response. All models are built with high quality MDF (45 lbs. per sq. foot). The tower and center channel enclosures are fitted with stiff `window bracing` and the increased structural support on all models provides rigidity that is essential to minimizing cabinet colorations, giving Image open and natural vocal reproduction. The newly formed cabinets add over 10% internal volume contributing to overall deeper low frequency response.

All models are equipped with a new PSB exclusive 1` Aluminum Dome tweeter. The new tweeter is equipped with an exclusive phase device and proprietary technology that provides response exceeding 23 kHz. The additional high frequency bandwidth provides Image with distinct smoothness through the audible 20 kHz range.

A newly formulated `high loss` composite rubber surround has been fitted to all Image mid and low frequency drivers. The new surround reduces unwanted break -up modes enhancing midrange articulation and vocal legibility. A new `injection molded` metalized polypropylene driver cone has been introduced into all models, improving product uniformity. This advance offers a new level of vivid sound staging and imaging.

Sophisticated new `high temperature` adhesives applied to our voice coil assemblies provides Image with higher power handling and increased reliability. The deeper basket structures and a rigid composite chassis enhance magnet efficiency and improved low frequency response to all Image models.

Erroneous resonance within the cabinet is the main source of port distortion. PSB has applied proprietary research specific to tube direction and angling within the enclosure. This technology minimizes distortion from permeating the port tube and contributes to a smoother response throughout the midrange.

Implementation of the many new components and technologies required an upgraded crossover topology. Using cohesive quality parts that work well together facilitate simple crossover designs, reducing the signal path and preserving fidelity.

Just over a foot high, the ultra -compact B15 Monitor combines a 5.25 -inch woofer with an Image 1 -inch aluminum -dome tweeter. The B25 Monitor uses a 6.5 -inch woofer for a demonstrably fuller sound. The T45 Tower is configured with dual 5.25 -inch woofers in combination with the Image tweeter. This 2 1/2 -way design provides a smooth response with bass impact equivalent to a substantially larger driver. The T55 Tower couples the Image tweeter with a pair of 6.5` woofers for extended low -frequency response and significantly greater definition. The largest speaker in the series, the T65 Tower uses a powerful combination of three 6.5 -inch woofers and the Image tweeter for a rich and full sound that will fill even the largest listening rooms.
To accommodate varies size home theaters, the Image Series offers two center channel options. The C40 is housed with two 5.25 -inch woofers with the Image tweeter, producing great clarity -both of dialog and effects -from even the most complex movie soundtracks. The C60 combines dual 6.5 -inch woofers to reproduce full -range, high -output sound, capable of handling loud levels in big rooms. The S50 Bipole Surround combines two identical panels that employ a single 5.25 -inch woofer and the Image tweeter. The angling of these two panels outward creates a diffuse soundfield, and the connection of the two speaker arrays in phase also aids localization of sound when sharply placed effects are present on a soundtrack or a music recording field.
Most of the Image Series comes in two different finishes - Maple with light gray grilles and Black Ash with black grilles. The finishes and cabinet construction are consistent throughout the line for easy mixing and matching of various models.

All Image Series speakers are provided with dual, 5 -way gold -plated, solid metal binding posts, that will now accept 1/4 -inch spade speaker wire terminals and are magnetically shielded, for use in proximity to video monitors.
Visit for more information on the new Image Series and our other solutions for In -Wall, In -Room and In -Cabinet Home Entertainment Speakers. See below for the Image Series suggested retail prices.

Image C40 Center Channel - $349.00 ea.
Image C60 Center Channel - $449.00 ea.
Image S50 Surround - $749.00 pr
Image B15 Monitor - $349.00 pr
Image B25 Monitor - $449.00 pr
Image T45 Tower - $749.00 pr
Image T55 Tower - $899.00 pr
Image T65 Tower - $1099.00 pr

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