DigiSoft and Espial bridge the digital divide - enabling customizable T -commerce solutions for OCAP

Partnership brings traditional computer applications to the average television; Customization allows broadcasters to personalize look and feel

Ottawa, Canada - April 27, 2004 Espial, the leading provider of embedded software solutions for interactive applications, today announced a partnership agreement with DigiSoft that will allow television broadcasters to bridge the issues of the digital divide, bringing traditional computer applications to the household television.

More North American households have television sets than PCs and this partnership enables applications like education through the television (t -learning), home shopping (t -commerce) and t -government - allowing government bodies to communicate vital information to citizens through the TV. Espial's browser solution makes delivery easy, enabling broadcasters to customize the look and feel of the application solely in markup languages, like HTML.

These applications are delivered on DigiSoft's interactive TV (iTV) application management platform, DigiHost. DigiHost can schedule and playout applications simultaneously on terrestrial, satellite and cable and present them via Espial's browser xlet technology on OCAP and MHP enabled devices.

Fintan Mc Kiernan, from DigiSoft states, "Espial's capability to customize what the viewer is seeing, is going to be what pushes this application to mass market. DigiSoft customers have been asking us for these additional capabilities without the risk or cost associated with individualized complex programming."

One of the major needs for broadcasters in bringing this technology to the mass market was to be able to quickly and cheaply customize the look of t -commerce or other iTV applications. Epsial's solution separates the complex code needed to enable interactivity from the graphical user interface code, resulting in a solution that reflects a broadcaster's brand without impacting the robust code of the application.

Major new advantages for the production and deployment of iTV applications are now possible when broadcast operators use Espial's interactive TV browser in conjunction with the DigiHost OCAP -based management system. Operators using the combined strength of these leading technologies can now use basic HTML to simply and quickly author rich iTV applications. Both DigiSoft and Espial are committed to standards -compliance so that their solutions will be easily transferable from television sets to Internet smart devices through to mobile phones and PDAs.

Espial software enables the browser and GUI capabilities for OCAP and MHP stacks with a footprint that can scale down to less than 125K. This small memory footprint is vital for broadcasters, whether the set -top box or device manufacturers embed the browser in their products or the operators send the browser via broadcast over satellite, cable or terrestrial networks. In addition, broadcasters can build revenue from the Video -on -Demand and Interactive shopping capabilities and improve the user experience through an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Flash and Real Player rendering.
Neale Foster, Director of Marketing for Television for Espial, comments, "DigiSoft's DigiHost provides a time -to -market winner for iTV operators to launch new services. This solution is flexible enough to fit the most demanding business models and uses the latest software architecture in a way that is not reliant on any proprietary technologies"

About Espial
Espial is the leader in creating scalable browser software that can bring Internet or walled garden content to consumer electronics. In addition to a robust technology platform, Espial has a reputation for excellence in creating or enabling graphical user interfaces, Video -on -Demand, T -commerce applications, Flash and Real Player content. Espial's software solutions allow consumer electronics manufacturers to reduce their time to market and development risk for technologically advanced TVs, DVD recorders, set -top boxes, and mobile phones - anything that requires an enhanced user experience. Espial has more than 100 device design wins with companies such as Intel, Motorola, LodgeNet, Philips and Samsung, and has deployed proven solutions for home and mobile broadband networks. Visit Espial.com for more information.

About DigiSoft.tv
DigiSoft.tv Limited (www.digisoft.tv) works in partnership with leaders in the TV industry to design and develop software solutions for Interactive TV. DigiSoft.tv has developed DigiHost to allow operators to launch Interactive TV applications as quickly, efficiently and successfully as possible. DigiHost provides all the elements essential for deployment of successful interactive services whether an operator/broadcaster chooses to develop applications in -house, manually or using authoring tools, or through third party application developers, or to license existing DigiSoft applications.

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