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TI`s newest streaming media processor reduces size, cost and power while increasing compatibility in consumer electronics for the networked home

DALLAS (April 19, 2004) - Making the networked home more user -friendly and compatible, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) has delivered a new level of cost -effective performance with its latest digital media processor solution for networked streaming media electronics in the home. Announced today, TI's recent streaming media solution will enable a fresh level of functionality for consumer electronics:

-Less bandwidth needed for the transmission of video throughout the home
-30 percent improvement in media storage
-Music, movies and photos in any format without user action
-Video to a new class of consumer electronics, including consumer videophones, and digital media adapters
-Support for multiple functions on a single product (See

"Our research indicates that the number of media receivers and adapters shipped will increase with a compound annual growth rate of 87 percent year -to -year from 2004 through 2008," said Mike Wolf, Principal Consumer Content and Connectivity Analyst for In -Stat/MDR. "A driving factor of this expanding market is the evolution of technologies that enable the flow of media throughout the home -and TI is at the heart of this growth with its digital media platform of digital media processors."

"Consumers will purchase networked home consumer electronics that are affordable, without compromising quality, features and functionality," said Tom Kelly, business development manager for TI's Streaming Media group. "TI's latest streaming media processor meets this need by providing technology for the next generation consumer electronics while enabling manufacturers to cut their bill of materials in half -and potentially reducing the retail cost of these products by half as well."

Coming Soon to Your Home
TI's Streaming Media group is working with consumer electronics manufacturers now on products that are expected to hit store shelves in 2005. Specific products that consumers can expect to see include:

Digital media adapters that enable consumer electronics products to play audio, video or photos from the Internet or hard disk drive on any type of viewer.
Desktop LCD video phones and TV video phones that will boast a frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps) at CIF resolution on a broadband connection. In addition, sound will be delivered with real -life quality.
DLP, flat panel and LCD televisions with built in media adapters and videophone capabilities, allowing the connection of virtually any product that manages media.
Further down the road, gaming functionality will be built into digital media adapters. In addition, we will see the emergence of support for high definition in streaming media products.

A Leader in Streaming Media Solutions
The programmability of TI's streaming media solutions is key for manufacturers who customize their products to meet consumer needs for increased features and performance. In addition, the flexibility of the processor enables streaming media electronics manufacturers to cut design time and speed time -to -market, putting products in the homes of consumers as the market demands. This programmability and flexibility, along with software offerings and relationships with influential video and imaging third parties, makes TI's digital media processing solutions for the networked home the solution of choice among streaming media product manufacturers.

TI's technology solutions do not stop with just the digital media processor. A family of mixed signal video decoders are available, converting all major forms of baseband analog video into digital component video. Broadband access and wireless networking technologies from TI play an active role in the multimedia home. TI provides integrated cable, DSL, WLAN and VoIP solutions to enable consumers to access broadband content and services and utilize them throughout their home.

About Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments Incorporated provides innovative digital and analog technologies to meet our customers' digital -media and signal -processing requirements. In addition to Semiconductors, the company's businesses include Sensors & Controls, and Educational & Productivity Solutions. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing, design or sales operations in more than 25 countries.

Texas Instruments is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TXN. More information is located on the World Wide Web at

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