Advanced Media Introduces RIDATA 8X DVD +/ -R Optical Discs

Advanced Media, Inc.(RITEKUSA) announced today the addition of 8x DVD +/-R discs to their RIDATA brand lineup of recordable media.

The company will Introduce the New 8X DVD -R Discs at RetailVision 2004

Diamond Bar, CA - -April 20, 2004 - - Advanced Media, Inc., a subsidiary of RITEK Corporation, the world's largest optical media manufacturer, announced today the addition of 8x DVD +/ -R discs to their RIDATA brand lineup of recordable media. The DVD -R recently went into production and the DVD+R discs have been in production since January. Advanced Media has held back their introduction, awaiting the drive technology to catch up, saving users the inconvenience of having to make firmware upgrades to slower drives.

"Our 8x DVD +/ -R discs continue RITEK's long tradition of being a leader in the optical storage media industry," stated Frank Yeh, VP of Sales and Marketing for Advanced Media (RITEK USA). "Discs of this speed require an extremely precise production process as well as high quality materials and mass production technology. That our new discs achieve these requirements is an excellent testimony to the enormous success of RITEK's research and development capabilities."

With its huge 4.7GB capacity and multimedia capability, the write -once formatted 8x DVD -R RIDATA disc provides an outstanding, reliable, high -speed storage medium. It offers a high -quality, stable medium for recording all types of data. Conforming to DVD specifications for recordable disc v2.0 (4.7GB), it delivers stunning video resolution and audio performance. It is ideal for massive archival storage, duplication, network backup, multimedia presentations, and digital video/photography. It too has long -term data archiving and 30 years safe storage life functionality through its excellent UV and heat resistance.

The new RIDATA write -once formatted 8x DVD+R is a high -capacity multimedia data storage medium that can accommodate an entire full -length movie on a single disc. Its excellent durability allows over one million readings, ensuring data protection for an extended period of time. It conforms to DVD+R 4.7GB basic format specifications v1.0. It features convenient single formatting for both video and data storage; constant linear data density; long archival and storage life; very low recording error rate; and low jitter.

In terms of data transfer rate, the Advanced Media RIDATA 8x+/ -DVD (1350KB per second times eight) recording speed is 72 times faster than 1x CD speed (150KB per second).

Beside these new 8x DVD discs, the RIDATA brand includes a variety of CD and DVD optical discs, flash memory cards and flash memory card adapters, a USB 2.0 6 -in -1 card reader, a thumb -size EZ drive portable storage device, and assorted media accessories.

About Advanced Media
Advanced Media, Inc. is a subsidiary of RITEK Corporation, the world's largest optical media manufacturer. Advanced Media is the sole North and South American marketer and distributor of the RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media as well as other types of electronic storage media.

For years, RITEK has been defining and redefining the optical storage market. Around the world, its name is synonymous with innovation, quality, and unparalleled consistency. RITEK's commitment to quality control is proven by its QS 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, and Six Sigma certifications.

The Advanced Media RIDATA brand currently includes: CD -R/RW, DVD -R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD -RAM, flash cards and USB EZ drive. Since its formation in 2001, Advanced Media has experienced phenomenal annual growth and is already a leading marketer of electronic storage products in the American market.

The company is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California. For further information, call (909) 861 -2269 x268 or e -mail: The Advanced Media web site is located at:

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