Up to 25% reduction in retail price effective immediately

Mountain View, CA -April 14, 2004 -Slim Devices Inc. reduced today the retail price on their popular network music players -Squeezebox Wired, the ethernet -only player, will retail for $199 and Squeezebox Wireless, with built -in wireless support, will retail for $279. These prices are effective immediately through Slim Devices' web site (

"Squeezebox is still the smartest way to stream digital music to your home stereo without any loss of sound quality. Since the launch of the product line, sales have increased severalfold resulting in lower production costs," said Patrick Cosson, vice -president of Sales and Marketing. "We're pleased to pass along the savings to our customers as a way to thank them for their support and to make Squeezebox available to even more fans."

Squeezebox supports many popular digital music formats including MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and uncompressed audio (AIFF or WAV) and has received numerous awards and accolades:

* MacWorld Expo 2004 named the player "Best of Show"
* Maximum PC awarded it a 10 out of 10 rating and named it a "Kick Ass" product.
* Popular Mechanics wrote that they've "yet to come across a slicker device for getting digital music off the computer and into your living room stereo system."
* MacWorld Magazine called it "a must -have product for audiophiles"
* TechTV's The Screen Savers said Squeezebox is their "favorite, it's got by far the best audio quality"

Squeezebox is manufactured in California. Slim Devices has resisted the push to export production overseas and yet has succeeded in reducing its costs. This is not the only way Slim Devices differentiates itself -a worldwide community of programmers helps develop SlimServer, Slim Devices' software that powers Squeezebox, under an open source license for the benefit of all users.

Squeezebox Network Music Players are available in over 15 countries through select retailers and worldwide via Slim Devices' web store (

About Slim Devices
Slim Devices is the worldwide pioneer of network entertainment products for users of personal computers and the Internet. Slim Devices' innovative hardware and powerful open source software is setting the standard for an exciting new product category. The Slim Devices logo, Squeezebox, and SlimServer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Slim Devices, Inc.

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