Offering significantly improved sonic performance, along with a cooler running temperature, the highly efficient KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin is more accurate and even more robust than its award-winning predecessor.

In order to reinforce its reputation as the pinnacle of Linn two -channel power amplification technology, the award -winning KLIMAX Twin, originally launched in 2001, is the first amplification product to benefit from Linn's new the high -performance, high -efficiency CHAKRA topology.

Offering significantly improved sonic performance, along with a cooler running temperature, the highly efficient KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin is more accurate and even more robust than its award -winning predecessor, and is simply the finest stereo power amplifier Linn has ever made.

The CHAKRA audio circuit topology is the result of more than 5 years of continuous development of Linn's high -power monolithic amplifier audio circuits. The CHAKRA topology uses an array of large bi -polar transistors as 'boosters' around a single monolithic. While this in itself is not a new idea, Linn's execution of the monolithic to bi -polar transition is unique, and a patent application for the design has been submitted. When output current is less than a few amps, all of the power output comes from the monolithic, maximising the speed and linearity properties of this design. At higher output currents the bi -polars provide the majority of the output current, leaving the monolithic to operate well within its capability, able to correct any error instantaneously. Even under extreme overload conditions, like short circuit, the monolithic never delivers more than a fraction of its safe output, while separate circuitry protects the bi -polars, and so with safe current output virtually unlimited, CHAKRA offers low -frequency response down to near DC. This is innovative design perfectly combining the speed and precision of integrated monolithic technology with the smoothness and ruggedness of discrete ultra -linear bi -polar delivering precisely -controlled pure power at all listening levels. It is also highly efficient, running cooler than any previous Linn amplifier design.

The machined -from -solid clamshell construction of the KLIMAX casework remains unchanged except for the incorporation of the discrete CHAKRA symbol denoting the upgrade on the front panel. The beautiful compact aluminium case protects, screens and stabilises the internal electronics and performs as the heat exchanger to cool the amplifier circuitry, with backup fan -assisted cooling. Inside the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin the CHAKRA audio board is both electrically and mechanically isolated from the proprietary Switch Mode Power Supply, which has been enhanced to complement the new model.

Designed for consistent performance, controlled power and pure sound in performance home entertainment systems, the KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin is a truly exceptional stereo power amplifier and represents the ultimate in reference quality stereo audio reproduction combined with a stunning execution.

The KLIMAX CHAKRA 500 Twin power amplifier is now shipping from authorised Linn retailers and Linn custom installation companies world -wide.

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