GoldX QuickConnect Line of Cables now at Staples Retail Locations Nationwide

Cable line meets needs of consumer and professional users managing various peripherals that have many different or specialized/`mini` USB/FireWire connections

Auburn Hills, MI - March 25, 2004 - GoldX Products, a leading innovator of premium power and connectivity products, today announced that its QuickConnectT 5 -in -1 USB/mini USB cables and 3 -in -1 FireWire cables (patent and patent pending) are being sold at retail through Staples' stores nationwide. "This is a proud achievement for our entire team here in the USA and my factory in China," says Henry Milan, President Jo -Dan International, Inc., "We have had great response to this product from users/reviewers and now it's available through a major retailer."

Priced from $24.99 to $34.99, Staples offers four connectivity packages:
A $24.99 six -foot long 5 -in -1 USB cable kit;
A $29.99 two cable combination kit with one three -foot cable and one eighteen inch cable in a 5 -in -1 USB kit -with the proper configurations, a user can get two cables for one;
A $31.99 ten -foot long 5 -in -1 USB kit;
A $34.99 six -foot long 3 -in -1 FireWire kit.

With QuickConnect cables, all that a user has to do is choose the appropriate connectors for a given peripheral setup. Having one QuickConnect cable does the work of many that can be misplaced or left behind today. Also included is a connector case for convenient storage of the connectors supplied.

"The GoldX QuickConnect series of convertible cables helps users of today's audio, video and mobile devices to avoid the nightmare of not having the right cable when you need it," says Henry Milan. "As electronic devices evolve and change form factors, business travelers, audio video professionals and consumers will have a convenient relatively affordable solution that will be even more useful tomorrow than it is today."

The USB 2.0 certified hi -speed cable connectivity package is a powerful and affordable solution giving Pocket PC, digital cameras, next generation mobile phone users and other peripheral users enhanced convenience and fewer cables to track down. The GoldX 5 -in -1 USB solution provides a user with 5 different USB cable configurations in one package. This cable supports portable and next generation USB On -The -Go devices like PDAs and mobile phones that will require mini -USB connectors while still needing to connect to a desktop/laptop or other peripherals with full size connectors.

The GoldX FireWire 3 -in -1 solution provides a user with 3 different FireWire configurations in one package. Portable devices like the Apple iPod require a 4 pin connector but the standard desktop connector is 6 pin. Users of similar products need a special cable that accommodates a 4 pin connector on one end and a 6 pin connector on the other.

About the GoldX Products

GoldX Products is the premium power and data products line of Jo -Dan International, Inc. which was founded in 1984 as an importer of computer cable and connectivity products, including serial and parallel cables, cables for printers, keyboard, and mice, video cables, and switch boxes for Apple and PC computers. Throughout the years, their product line has expanded to include new PC and connectivity products, including networking cables, USB products, FireWire products and RF technology. Today, with over 30 registered U.S. Patents, JDI offers customers a comprehensive line of computer connectivity and peripheral products. For more information please go to

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