GoDVD! is an innovative digital video enhancer that quickly and easily restores and transfers old videos to the superior and long-lasting DVD format. GoDVD! connects between any playback source (VCR, camcorder or DVD player) and a DVD recorder.

OAKMONT, PA, April 5, 2004 - Sima Products Corporation, a leading developer of consumer electronics accessories in the photo, digital imaging and home theater markets, today introduced the GoDVD!Ô product line - an innovative digital video enhancer that makes it easy for consumers to protect their home video and DVD libraries. Connected between any playback source (VCR, camcorder or DVD player) and a DVD recorder, the GoDVD! enhancer quickly and easily restores and transfers old videos to the superior and long -lasting DVD format. Additionally, owners of pre -recorded DVD movies will have the ability to create a fair use back -up copy of their original DVD.

"There are more than one billion home videos sitting in people`s homes, with a shelf life of less than 20 years. Sima created the GoDVD! enhancer to help preserves those treasures onto the longer lasting DVD medium, so they can be viewed for years to come," said Doug Marrison, President of Sima's SPC Subsidiary. "And through enhanced technology, GoDVD! actually improves and restores images that may have suffered due to frequent use, age or poor storage conditions."

With the sales explosion of portable, mobile and household DVD players, Americans are watching DVDs in more locations and more often than ever. Now they can keep their original in perfect condition, by using the GoDVD! unit to make a back -up copy - families, vacationers, and business travelers can all benefit. Further, GoDVD! will help preserve home video memories - more than one billion of them in the U.S. alone - by converting them to a high -quality, digital DVD format that will last more than a century.

The GoDVD! unit stabilizes video signals for crisp copies, reduces video sync noise and is compatible with S -VHS, VHS -C, VHS, 8mm and DVD. It also contains four output signal enhancement modes - Normal, Enhanced, Darker and Black/white. Additionally, as the U.S. population continues to become more multi -cultural, many will find that GoDVD! has the ability to support both U.S. (NTSC)and International (PAL) video formats - another great bonus.

"Now families who want to share their video memories overseas can do so easily," said Marrison.

GoDVD! can also be used for home video editing. With this new technology, consumers can edit directly onto a DVD disc - helping to save time, money and most importantly, the video's image quality.

Available now at select consumer electronics stores nationwide, including Best Buy, Comp USA, Ultimate Electronics, Lifestyle Fascination and Shop at Home. It has a manufacturer`s suggested retail price is $129.95.

GoDVD! is manufactured, sold and intended for use in video editing and duplicating. Sales and proper use of the GoDVD! product line does not violate the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act or the copyrights of third parties. Any use that violates the copyright laws is prohibited.

Sima Products Corporation is one of the leading innovators of consumer electronic accessories in the photo, video, 12V power, satellite, emergency alert and home theater markets. For more information, please visit

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