Worthington Distribution Carries Lightolier CC Fan Controllers, Dimmers, and Switches

Worthington Distribution is proud to carry Lightolier`s line of Compose CC devices, including the industry`s first and only power line carrier fan speed controller.

Worthington Distribution is proud to carry Lightolier's line of Compose CC devices. The CC is a revolutionary way to approach a lighting system. Historically, lighting systems required that an installer design the system to determine the correct products. The CC design allows an installer to choose how the dimmer will perform after it has been installed, providing limitless flexibility.

The CC design is the culmination of Worthington Distribution and Lightolier working together to provide a solution for the dealer. The first step was to provide a 3 -speed power line carrier fan controller to the industry. Lightolier has stepped up to the plate to provide this solution that has been requested by dealers/installers for many years. During the design phase it was debated if the controller should be an independent device or if it should have the ability to be grouped as part of a lighting scene. In addition, it was known that the fan controller would have many practical uses in non -Lightolier installations. All of these scenarios have been met in a single design that allows the installer to choose the proper mode by pressing a set button and moving the LEDs on the side. The technology that allows the fan controller to be used in a number of different applications was later incorporated into CC versions of Lightolier Compose dimmers and switches.

`The new CC devices from Lightolier offer great flexibility to the dealer during the installation,` says Richard Scholl, President of Worthington Distribution, `but we have learned that the impact is greater on system design. It makes quotes much easier to deliver; simply count the number of dimmers, switches, keypads, and firewalls and send the quote. There is no longer the need to plan the entire system. The CC is a hit!`

About Worthington Distribution
Worthington Distribution has provided dealers/installers with a one -stop source for all home automation and system integration needs for 11 years. Corporate headquarters are located in Paupack, PA, with shipping locations in Paupack and Las Vegas.

Worthington Distribution has a dedicated technical support staff specializing in integration, as well as a training division dedicated to systems integration training. For more information on the company, its products, and services, visit our web sites at: http://www.worthdist.com and http://www.worthingtonu.com, or call 1 -800 -282 -8864.

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