Silicon Optix, a fabless semiconductor company focused on the convergence of silicon and optics, announces the immediate availability of the Reon-GX™ for front and rear projection displays.

San Jose, Calif. (March 29th) - Silicon Optix, a fabless semiconductor company focused on the convergence of silicon and optics, announces the immediate availability of the Reon -GX™ for front and rear projection displays.

Reon -GX is the first commercially available semiconductor system -on -a -chip (SoC) delivering AnyPlace™ simultaneous vertical and horizontal extreme angle keystone correction with high image quality.

Reon -GX, with Silicon Optix exclusive AnyPlace technology, extends the keystone correction range, horizontally up to 80 degrees (+/ -40 degrees) and vertically up to 70 degrees(+/ -35 degrees), allowing users to place projectors virtually anywhere in a room while maintaining the highest quality graphics, fine text, and crisp high definition (HD) video, thus offering flexibility and utility both in the home and in the office.

"Business users spend many hours and dollars to maximize the effectiveness of presentations only to find themselves at the mercy of the projector they use for display," said Dennis Crespo, vice president of marketing for Silicon Optix. "Projectors that use the Reon -GX AnyPlace technology allow business professionals to focus on their presentation and not be inconvenienced by the projector light path or embarrassed by the poor image quality," stated Crespo.

"The Silicon Optix Reon -GX with AnyPlace™ technology, with its range, quality, and ease -of -use at last turns keystone correction into a useful feature for projectors," continued Crespo.

For rear projection television, Reon -GX delivers a complete video processing feature set. Furthermore, manufacturers can significantly reduce their assembly costs by using eWARP -GX' lens and tilt/rotation distortion correction technology for electronic alignment and calibration of rear projection systems.

Reon -GX supports a highly integrated video and graphics processing feature set including dual, fully independent video or graphics inputs, and fully automatic, true 1080i to 1080p de -interlacing with 3:2/2:2 detection. Reon -GX also offers advanced scaling, frame rate conversion without frame tearing, advanced PIP, PAP, POP, bitmapped OSD, an integrated ARM CPU and gamma correction for high quality image output.

About Silicon Optix:
Silicon Optix Inc., a privately held fabless semiconductor company, is the leading supplier of warping integrated circuit (IC) technology - eWARP™. eWARP digital distortion correction allows manufacturers to complement optics with sophisticated electronics imaging to achieve superior system designs and add new compelling features to products while reducing the cost and complexity of optical systems. Silicon Optix has the only mainstream geometry processing IC in volume production to date. Over seven years of research and development invested in IC design, system design and optics have given Silicon Optix the expertise to be the leader in this emerging technology with large market opportunities. Silicon Optix is headquartered in San Jose, California, with R&D and operations located at the company`s Canadian subsidiary in Toronto, Ontario. For more information about Silicon Optix, please visit the company`s Web site at


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