Meda Systems Names J.B. Stanton Communications as its PR Agency

Innovative Company's New Bravo and Bravado Digital Media Servers Raise the Standard for Whole-House Audio While Lowering Costs


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Meda Systems Names J.B. Stanton Communications as its PR Agency

Innovative Company's New Bravo and Bravado Digital Media Servers Raise the Standard for Whole -House Audio While Lowering Costs

OAKLAND, CA, Mar. 29, 2004 - J. B. Stanton Communications, has been named the Public Relations agency for Meda™ Systems, Inc., an innovative media technology company distributing digital entertainment throughout the home. Meda's new digital media servers and powerful distribution software promise to dramatically enhance the value of home entertainment to consumers, while lowering the cost of high -performance systems.

Based in Oakland, California, Meda Systems is dedicated to bringing - with unprecedented ease of operation - the power, features and value of networked entertainment technology to residential applications at affordable prices. Founders Steve Raschke and Adam Stone created Meda to develop an integrated multi -source, multi -zone system that would simply and intuitively provide access to music and video by any user at any time from any location.

"Meda Systems provides breakthrough leading -edge audio products and software for residential and commercial markets," said agency president Bryan Stanton. "The many unique qualities of their offerings give us an opportunity to educate a broad cross -section of consumers about a growing market and the considerable value of its entertainment options."
Bravo, Bravado and DEOS

Meda's key products include the family of Bravo™ Digital Media Servers and the extremely compact Bravado™ Media Server, all powered by Meda's DEOS™ Digital Entertainment Operating System.

Bravo is a fully integrated whole -house digital music system capable of playing multiple audio sources through multiple zones. Bravo™ can be controlled from virtually any suitable device, including TVs, wireless Pocket PCs, computer browsers, Web pads, and in -wall keypads. Bravo™ servers use a massive internal hard drive and the home's network to record, store, and play back digital audio through analog, digital, or IP -based entertainment systems.

Proprietary MZSync technology delivers innovative multi -zone music synchronization, while a unique universal interface makes Bravo compatible with virtually all displays, keypads and controllers, whether visual or tactile, regardless of control method. Users can simply, intuitively and instantly access their entire music collections as well as external audio sources from anywhere at any time.

Bravado is an ultra -compact version of Bravo, designed for small spaces. Only 3 by 10 inches, it fits stealthily into structured wiring enclosures, and occupies only two units in an equipment rack. Sharing most Bravo features, Bravado can simultaneously serve up to 8 zones of analog and Ethernet output.

DEOS is Meda's standards -based proprietary software engine for its server products. The product of years of research and development, it dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of multi -room, multi -zone audio distribution. Its open architecture design allows DEOS to accept upgrades and new features as they are developed, helping to keep the cost of Meda products affordable.

To assure the highest level of system integration and performance, Meda's product and marketing partners comprise a cross -section of today's most innovative and influential companies, including Microsoft, Crestron, Xplore Technologies, AMX, D -Tools, MusicBrainz, and Xantech.

Meda President Steve Raschke is a veteran executive of the consumer electronics, home networking, and audio/video industries. He has previously served as President and CEO of Sage Systems, a top consumer networking products company, and as President of Clearport, a technology innovation contractor to consumer electronics companies. He has also held senior positions at AMX Corp., Monster Cable, and Home Director/Digital Interiors.

Meda Technical Advisor Adam Stone, also serves as President and CEO of D -Tools, a leading provider of business solution software in the residential and commercial system -integration markets. He has more than 20 years experience as a retailer, designer, business owner and technology innovator in the custom audio/video industry.

`We're pleased to be working with J.B. Stanton Communications,` said Mr. Raschke. "Meda's mission is to bring the power of digital entertainment technology to people in the comfort of their homes at prices they can afford. J.B. Stanton is helping us to educate customers about the extraordinary advantages to networked music and video in the home."

Now in its 27th year of specializing in electronics products and technologies, J. B. Stanton Communications is pleased to represent Meda Systems to the Home Networking, Home Theater, Custom Installation and Consumer marketplaces.

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