Each extension solution operates through small sender and receiver units that are connected by network-wiring CAT5 cable and run on a five-volt power supply.

WOODLAND HILLS [March 16, 2004] Gefen Inc. announced the availability of three small -size extension modules that connect computer devices at long distances using interface formats such as PS/2, RS -232 and stereo audio, effectively spanning hundreds of feet between computer and device. Each extension solution operates through small sender and receiver units that are connected by network -wiring CAT5 cable and run on a five -volt power supply.

The new extenders are designed to extend a PS/2 keyboard/mouse or projector/mouse combination (PS/2 Extender, $89), an RS -232 touchscreen or tablet (RS -232 Extender, $99) and audio devices (Audio Extender, $99) such as a personal CD player, speakers or microphone. All extended devices are able to function perfectly in any range up to 1000 -feet from the computer.

All three come with Gefen's one -year warranty and a lifetime of technical support via telephone or email. Each product is available for purchase online at or through one of Gefen's dealers, located worldwide. To find a dealer in your area, email

About Gefen Inc:

Gefen provides computer and electronics connectivity solutions that extend, switch, split and distribute video, peripheral and computer signals using various interface technologies. Gefen is currently pioneering a full line of HDTV products that enable high definition digital video signals to be split, switched and extended. A selection of HDMI, fiber optics, DVI and CAT5 cabling is available through Gefen as well as video signal adapters and similar support solutions. Detailed product information may be found at

Featured Product

GreenPeak’s GP565 – ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

GreenPeak's GP565 - ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

The GP565 Smart Home RF chip for remote controls supports voice control, motion sensing and the new ZRC 2.0 protocol. The GP565 is optimized for advanced & low cost ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. • 120k or 248k Flash (8k or 16k RAM) memory • 40-pin footprint to support a keyboard scanner interface or other IO interfaces required for remote controls. • Reduced current consumption and improved receiver sensitivity and output power • Patented Antenna Diversity technology enables superior range and WiFi/Bluetooth interference rejection