Kell Systems unveils its beautifully styled, yet fully engineered 19" rack cabinet furniture.

Elegant external styling and breakthrough silent-fan cooling combine to create a unique rack enclosure for appearance sensitive environments

Kell Systems, UK -based technical furniture designer and manufacturer, launches its Nineteen Series portfolio of 19" rack cabinets offering a stylish, professional -grade technology storage solution for home cinema and corporate AV installations. From the outside the Nineteen Series appears as elegant, modern furniture, but inside are full spec 19" racks with silent fan cooling, soundproofing and power distribution.

Minimal fan noise coupled with Kell's hi tech, hi spec design offers a real breakthrough in terms of AV installations, as it allows equipment to be properly housed in the room where it's needed rather than hidden away in purpose -built, backrooms. Thus eliminating the inconvenience and cost of building a separate equipment room area.

Kell's unique forced -air cooling system provides true front -to -back cooling with the doors closed, and with fan noise contained to a virtually inaudible 20 dBA. To put this in perspective, Kell's entire fan system makes less noise than the average domestic PC, yet is powerful enough to exchange air in the cabinet about 12 times per minute.

The deeper, Server Rack Variant (SRV) models, are designed for acoustically sensitive environments, to contain noise generated by equipment housed within, for example computer noise. SRV models come with Kell's soundproofing kit as standard comprising sound absorption, acoustic baffling and anti -vibration damping.

"We're excited about our new nineteen series, it presents a real industry first," comments Tim Walsh, Managing Director, Kell Systems. "Through creating beautiful furniture that is at once a full spec 19" rack, we can help overcome many of the design headaches inherent in new AV installations". "Equipment needs no longer be confined to the backroom, and all the upheaval that entails." Walsh adds, "to -date the only way to discretely house equipment in appearance sensitive environments has been to commission wholly bespoke furniture built around a 19" rack - a cumbersome and compromised solution. Our nineteen series has been exhaustively engineered, resulting in a stylistically and technically excellent design."

Kell's rack cabinets are simply plug and play, and are delivered pre -built to site.

The nineteen series comprises 21 different model sizes offering from 12 to 54 units of rack space. Kell offers an impressive range of styles and finishes, from subtle, elegant wood designs in black walnut, santos rosewood and Zebrano to ultra -contemporary styles combining wood and metal finishes.

Detachable side panels allow access to everything inside, without necessarily having to move the cabinet. Vertical power distribution strips are built into all Kell enclosures, handily placing power outlets next to each piece of equipment and adjacent to the cable management runner positions.

In addition the cabinet doors when opened retract fully into the side panels ideal for applications requiring on -going access to equipment controls.

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