NetStreams® and Vantage Controls Continue to Make Beautiful Music Together

NetStreams and Vantage Controls enable their products to interoperate via RS-232 interfaces designed into both manufacturers' products

Austin, TX - March 18, 2004 - NetStreams®, America's leading Networked Audio solutions provider, announced its collaboration with Vantage Controls. Taking advantage of the robust two -way RS -232 interface designed into the NetStreams' Musica™ distributed audio system, Vantage Controls has created a custom driver to enable full two -way communication between the two systems. Now, NetStreams Musica keypads can control and activate Vantage lighting scenes, switches and dimmers, and Vantage keypads can operate the Musica distributed audio system. Vantage will have a new NetStreams driver with added two -way functionality available in April 2004.

"We are extremely excited about the synergies created between our products", said
Herman Cardenas, founder and chief executive officer of NetStreams. "The ability for NetStreams dealers to now integrate lighting control and automation into their system designs featuring Vantage Controls vast array of options is a great opportunity for both companies. I think you can expect additional exciting introductions between our two companies in the future."

The unique widescreen LCD in the NetStreams Musica keypads provides feedback on the status of the entire system from any location. Vantage Controls dealers can easily integrate whole -house audio into their installations with NetStreams Musica distributed audio systems and control the system from any keypad.

"Once we saw how robust the Musica system's RS -232 interface was and how well it could integrate with our products, we approached NetStreams about working together and creating a custom driver to allow our systems to function together seamlessly," said Tim O'Loughlin, Vantage Controls' Systems Integration Manager.


The interoperability of these two systems can cut down on what is known in the industry as "wall acne," or large numbers of very different looking keypads or controllers installed side by side in order to control a variety of products. The interoperability of the NetStreams Musica system and the Vantage Controls lighting and automation systems allows either company's keypads to control the other's products. This simplifies installations, cuts down on wall clutter, and creates more opportunities for the dealers of both product lines.

About Vantage Controls

For over fifteen years Vantage Controls has been a leading manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications. Vantage offers a powerful means to integrate all facility functions into one central system that can be pre -programmed to activate according to a schedule, sensor or button. Simple stylish keypads or touch screens can eliminate entire rows of unsightly switches. The complete system interconnects via a wireless RadioLink (RF) network or with a simple, non -polarized two -wire bus making Vantage products the easiest to install, and the most versatile and trouble free available. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage distributes its products through a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers.

For additional information or materials on Vantage Controls products, please contact Andy North at 801 -229 -2800x310,, or visit

About NetStreams

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment today.

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