Revolutionary TalkSwitch 48-CVA provides customers with a converged PSTN and VoIP solution at unprecedented price



Revolutionary TalkSwitch 48 -CVA provides customers with a converged PSTN and VoIP solution at unprecedented price

OTTAWA, ON - March 16, 2004 - Centrepoint Technologies, designer and manufacturer of innovative telephone systems for small business, today unveiled the system that will put Voice over IP (VoIP) in the hands of small business. The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA, an all -in -one hybrid PBX that combines PSTN and VoIP connections for small and multi -branch businesses at the unprecedented price of $1795 US, will be available on June 1.

In addition to the rich features common to the entire TalkSwitch line of phone systems, the combination of PSTN lines and built -in VoIP trunks in the TalkSwitch 48 -CVA allows businesses with one to 32 phone users per location to maintain local calls on the public switched network while switching to VoIP for long distance and inter -branch calling. It enables companies to reduce their number of costly CO telephone lines, while maximizing utilization of broadband connections.

`For the first time, small business can afford a telephone system that truly gives them the best of both telecommunications worlds. They can take advantage of VoIP while maintaining their traditional phone lines.` said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, Centrepoint Technologies. `The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA is affordably priced, and designed so small businesses can install it themselves. It`s a revolutionary way to build a phone system, which we based on our extensive experience with small business customers.`

In addition to connecting branches together, the TalkSwitch 48 -CVA includes extensive built -in remote extension capabilities that easily and cost -effectively integrate mobile workers and teleworkers with the office telephone system. Recent studies show that increasing numbers of very small businesses have mobile, traveling and teleworkers. The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA allows small
businesses to present a highly professional image, increase productivity, reduce communication costs, and keep their employees connected in all their work zones - office, telework and mobile.

As with all TalkSwitch phone systems, the 48 -CVA comes loaded with auto attendants, call -routing, voicemail, and a host of other features. The 48 -CVA has four CO lines and four VoIP trunks, eight local extensions and eight remote extensions. Up to four 48 -CVAs can be networked to make a system with 16 CO lines and 16 VoIP trunks, 32 local extensions and 32 remote extensions per location. The system works with all standard analog and cellular phones and includes free software updates.

TalkSwitch 48 -CVA is built on the proven TalkSwitch system that has been sold to thousands of businesses across North America. The TalkSwitch line of products has given the 5.9 million North American businesses with 1 to 20 employees an opportunity to own a highly professional, feature -rich telephone system at prices they can afford. Compact, user -friendly and customer -installable, TalkSwitch is redefining the way that small businesses think about telephone systems. By adding the new 48 -CVA to the existing family of TalkSwitch products, Centrepoint has brought that same revolutionary approach to VoIP communications.

`There has been a realization in the service provider and
reseller communities that the traditional telephone systems they have been offering don`t adequately address the needs of small businesses operating today in North America,` said Scheeren. `While the price of most office equipment has steadily declined in the past decade, phone system prices have remained consistently high. The gap between what small business want and
what they can afford has been wide, and with the increasing prevalence of VoIP it has been getting wider. The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA has bridged that gap for small business.`

Pricing and Availability
General availability for the TalkSwitch 48 -CVA will be June 1, 2004. The system will be available online at www.talkswitch.com or from Centrepoint Authorized Resellers, and will sell for $1795 US. A high -resolution product photo is available at http://www.talkswitch.com/press/mediakits_photos.html

About Centrepoint
Centrepoint Technologies has set the standard for innovative telephone systems that provide small business, branch, and home office users with affordable, yet powerful communications solutions. Founded in 1990, Centrepoint designs and markets the award -winning TalkSwitch phone system, used by thousands of customers. For more information call (888) 332 -9322 or visit the Centrepoint website at www.talkswitch.com.

For more information, please contact:
Chris Brennan
Public Relations Manager,
Centrepoint Technologies
613.725.2980 x 136
888.332.9322 x 136

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