Screen Research ClearPix™2 Screen Receives ISF® Certification

Imaging Science Foundation Finds New Screen to be in an "Elite Group`

March 7, 2004 - Mission Viejo, CA - StJohn Group, marketer and distributor for Screen Research in the Western hemisphere, announced today that the prestigious Imaging Science Foundation has certified Screen Research ClearPix(TM)2 White and Grey screens. That certification guarantees the quality and the consistency of the picture delivered by ClearPix - already THX® certified for its unmatched acoustical transparency and neutrality.

The certification states:

The certification is valid for both ClearPix2 White and Grey, and validates that the image provided by the screen is well under SMPTE .004 specifications, for delivering a perfect and neutral picture:

- Primary color balance (red, green and blue colors)
- Uniformity of the luminance. (shift from viewing angles 0° to 60°)
- Uniformity of the chrominance. (shift from viewing angles 0° to 60°)
- Image definition.

Joel Silver, ISF founder and president, said of the screens, "The Screen Research products are now certified for Flat Spectral Response and White Field Uniformity. Many materials have been tested and have failed since the category was basically defined almost a decade ago… We welcome Screen Research to an elite group of color scientists who boldly engineer screens with a focus on Home Theater!` He added, "The folks at Screen Research should be complimented for supplying a screen that has not compromised accuracy for gain. Something that is increasingly rare these days.`

Unlike traditional perforated screens, the patented and acoustically transparent Screen Research ClearPix material does not introduce highly distracting comb filtering associated with vinyl perforated screens. As such, it requires no compensation equalization for speakers placed behind them. In addition, the absence of perforations eliminates the pronounced moiré interference or "ghosting" patterns that plague traditional perforated screens when they are used with fixed -pixel projectors (i.e., DLP, LCD, and LCOS). As a result, home theater designers who use these popular projectors can now place the Center loudspeaker where it belongs - behind the screen and at the proper height for optimum sound and image coherence.

Screen Research offers the ClearPix2 fabric in fixed and electric retractable models, in standard and custom widths, and in matte white (0.95 gain) or pearl grey (0.75 gain). The fixed models employ a patented frame design. Instead of using snaps or Velcro®, the screen fabric is stretched evenly via self -tensioning V -shaped grooves. A spring tension insert grabs the fabric and locks it firmly into the frame with no bowing or creasing. The frame's flocked velour finish eliminates distracting stray light reflections.

Screen Research has recently announced the immediate availability of its new XMask 2 -way and 4 -way fixed -screen masking systems. Masking systems are designed to ensure the projected image has a black border, no matter what its format, noticeably improving the perceived image quality.

This press release, along with product literature and high -resolution photos are available for downloading from the StJohn Group web site. The Screen Research web site contains detailed product and technical information as well.

Designed and engineered in France, Screen Research screens and masking systems are distributed and marketed in the Western Hemisphere by StJohn Group, Inc. Qualified consumers who wish to purchase will be directed to an authorized dealer. During the initial distribution development phase, and only if no authorized dealers exist in their area, consumers may also purchase directly through StJohn Group at suggested retail prices. Contact StJohn Group for details.

StJohn Group is a distribution and marketing company specializing in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market. The company's two founding partners - industry veterans John Caldwell and Kevin Leja - have more than 50 years experience in virtually every facet of the consumer electronics industry. StJohn Group pioneers a New School approach to products and marketing strategies - one that will help move CI dealers closer to the mainstream of the home design market.

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