Cornwall, UK-based manufacturer DKT has introduced FreeWay, a Universal Ethernet A/V Gateway Controller, is a neat little problem-solver unit for multiple control interfaces for all multi-room environments.



ROSELAND, UK - Cornwall, UK based manufacturer DKT has introduced a new solution to common A/V system interfacing problems. FreeWay, a Universal Ethernet A/V Gateway Controller, is a neat little problem -solver unit for all those irksome control interfaces that people ideally want to access via their standard TCP/IP network.

Smart homes, schools, corporate boardrooms and many more multi -room environments are typical of the installations that FreeWay is designed to simplify.

The FreeWay provides the gateway between any browser running on PCs, Macs, PDAs, touch screens or the internet to control the homeowners' home cinema, multi -room audio and home automation environment. The 1U rack unit has 10 serial ports, a 4 way IR matrix (including IR decode and learn), EIB port, Logic I/O ports and of course the RJ45 Ethernet port. Both the web server and compiler are built in to the unit so installers have the complete solution on site at all times.

All this control is matrixed back and forth through its Ethernet port so all the old (and not so old) legacy equipment - TVs, audio, computers, lighting, video and more - can be accessed and controlled over one wired or wireless network.

The unit also incorporates its own web server for set -up and access. It includes its own built -in compiler for its FreeScript™ macro language (they way it configures how the ports are managed and how the box should respond to input events) and its own 'IR learning' hardware and software.

A good deal more powerful than it appears at first glance, it also has the ability to be controlled by any browser on the network (touch screen, PC, Mac, or iPAQ for example) using Macromedia Flash or even hyperlinks in a Microsoft Word document.

Freeway is - uniquely - the ideal legacy interface for the Microsoft Media Centre range, which allows Microsoft Media Centre to be fully integrated with customers' own existing multimedia A/V systems.

The unit is simple to set up by an installer without the need for specialist training - anyone capable of programming a Pronto will have no problem setting up a Freeway.

"There is a fast growing need for a very capable, comprehensive multi -standard interface unit," says DKT director David King. "A problem solving box that eliminates the need for multiple control units and interfaces. It simplifies the whole installation process and makes operation simpler for the customer. What's more, it's very cost effective."

DKT is currently appointing distributors in the UK and overseas.

DKT also manufactures the ultra high bandwidth CAT8 multimedia home network system. The system future proofs home owners with highest bandwidth home network available. Multimedia signals on a CAT8 cable run concurrently so TV, LAN, IR, Audio, USB, Video, Broadband, Telephone and satellite TV use the same single cable distribution system.

• DKT is a CEDIA member

Contact: Keith Harris
T: +44 (0)1209 216912
F: +44 (0)1209 216913

Lanner Moor
Cornwall, TR16 6JA

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