Atlantic Technology Twin -Tweeter TriMode(TM) Ceiling Speakers

For Multiroom Music or Home Theater Ceiling Surrounds

NORWOOD, MA (3/2/04) - - Atlantic Technology has introduced two new TriMode(tm) ceiling speakers that can be used as mono or stereo music speakers, or as ceiling -mounted surround channels in a home theater. The Atlantic Technology ICTS -6.3 and ICTS -8.3 are 6 -1/2 - and 8 -inch round ceiling speakers with dual -voice -coil woofers and twin tweeters which can be driven in -phase, to provide a direct sound field for music, or out -of -phase, to create a diffuse TriVector(tm) sound field for home theater surround applications. The speakers use heavy -duty gold plated connectors for long -lasting connections, and rotating mounting clamps for easy installation.

Ideally, home theater surround speakers should produce a non -localizable sound field that immerses viewers in the sonic landscape of a film, but this goal is all but impossible with conventional ceiling speakers due to their inherently high directivity. In Atlantic's unique TriVector surround mode, however, the ICTS series speakers' opposing tweeters are driven out -of -phase with each other, resulting in highly diffuse upper midrange and high frequency reproduction that is otherwise impossible from ceiling speakers.

For whole -house distributed audio systems, situations vary from room to room, with some layouts calling for ceiling speakers arranged in stereo pairs while small spaces such as a master bathroom require only a single speaker to reproduce both channels. Thanks to their dual voice -coil woofer and twin tweeter designs, the ICTS speakers can be wired for either conventional or point -source stereo (one speaker, both channels) operation. This allows installers to use a single model in all circumstances, simplifying setup and ensuring matching sonic characteristics throughout the installation.

The Atlantic Technology ICTS 6.3 and ICTS 8.3 each utilize a pair of 1 -inch soft dome tweeters and a computer -optimized crossover. The long -throw woofers use carbon -loaded mica/poly cones with rubber surrounds and dual high -temperature voice coils. The ICTS -6.3 uses a 6.5 -inch woofer and has a frequency response of 55 Hz - 20 kHz (+/ -3dB). Thanks to its larger 8 -inch woofer, the ICTS -8.3's frequency range extends all the way down to 45 Hz.

The ICTS 6.3 and ICTS 8.3 feature easy access front mounted switches for selection of TriVector or Normal modes, as well as a 3 -position High Frequency Level adjustment to tailor the speakers' output for reflective, normal, or absorptive surroundings.

The ICTS 8.3 is available now at an Estimated Street Price of $400 each. The ICTS 6.3 has an Estimated Street Price of $275 each.

Atlantic Technology speaker systems are designed and engineered at the company's Norwood, MA facility as integrated multi -channel ensembles. These systems are tailored and tuned to provide a seamless and startlingly realistic soundstage for distributed whole -house audio, multi -channel music, and home theater.

For more information on Atlantic Technology and its many fine products for home theater and custom audio/video installation, visit or call 781 -762 -6300.

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