Niveus Media Announces the Availability of the Fanless Niveus AVX Media Center PC

Available Now, the Living Room-Friendly Form-Factor Features a Heatsink Case With P4 Passive Cooling Heat Pipe Technology Resulting in Dramatic Noise Reduction Over Competing Systems That Rely on Moving Fans for Cooling

LOS GATOS, March 10 /PRNewswire/ - - Niveus Media, Inc., manufacturer of media entertainment devices for the consumer electronics market, today announced the availability of their next generation media center offering,

Niveus AVX Media Center PC, featuring the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004 software from Microsoft.
Boasting a true audio/video form factor, the Niveus AVX measures just over 17 inches wide, and just under 4 inches tall, resulting in a truly stackable component. In addition to the small form factor, the stylish aluminum case is passively cooled, meaning there are no moving fans, making it the quietest media center PC on the market.
`Consumers have traditionally not considered noise as a factor when purchasing computing products for the office environment,` said Tim Cutting, President and CEO of Niveus Media. `However, now that these products have
entered our living rooms in the form of consumer electronic and computer convergence, noise is an important consideration when evaluating a media
center PC.`
Featuring Intel`s P4 2.8Ghz w/ Hyper Threading, ATI`s Radeon XT line of Graphics, Digital Audio, DVD Recording, and Hauppauge`s NTSC Television Tuner, Niveus AVX will power applications that go beyond those found in traditional consumer electronics devices resulting in higher quality television, faster music encoding, rich multimedia graphics, and quick application response
The company will also bundle it`s own software, Niveus Control, which will enable users to use their wireless enabled (80211.x) Pocket PC as a networked remote control from any room of the home, for superior management over one`s digital media collection.

Niveus AVX Media Center Availability
The Niveus AVX Media Center PC is now available for purchase via the company`s website. For further details, visit the company website at:

About Niveus Media, Inc.
Founded in 2002, Niveus Media, Inc. is a San Jose, California OEM manufacturer, specializing in media entertainment devices for the consumer electronics market Niveus Media is dedicated to delivering innovative,
integrated consumer electronics devices for the networked home. Additional information can be found at:

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