TSI and PCTEL Announce EAP -SIM Authentication Interoperability

TSI and PCTEL Support GSM Wi-Fi Roaming

CANNES - Feb. 23, 2003 - TSI Telecommunication Services Inc. (TSI) (www.tsiconnections.com), a global communications technology company, today announced the launch of EAP -SIM (Extensible Authentication Protocol - Subscriber Identity Module) authentication capabilities that support PCTEL's Segue™ Roaming Client. The Segue? Roaming Client provides secure connectivity for mobile access to hotspots. TSI's EAP -SIM authentication service bridges technical incompatibility between Wi -Fi networks and GSM networks, creating a seamless Wi -Fi experience for subscribers.

TSI's EAP -SIM authentication service provides the interface for passing user credentials between the RADIUS -based Wi -Fi network and the SIM -based GSM operator's network. RADIUS is the authentication, authorization and accounting protocol used in Wi -Fi networks, which is incompatible with the database used by GSM operators to identify subscribers, features and services. EAP -SIM authentication is the latest addition to TSI's Wi -Fi services, which currently includes billing record conversion (RADIUS to TAP 3.10), as well as clearing and settlement services.

Several wireless operators worldwide have licensed PCTEL's Segue? Roaming Client that intelligently connects subscribers to available Wi -Fi and cellular data networks. A 2.5G module supports connection to GPRS, EDGE, PHS and CDMA2000 1X packet data networks. The Segue? Roaming Client features security standards such as WPA and a complete suite of 802.1x authentication modules, such as TLS and TTLS. With the addition of support for TSI's EAP -SIM authentication, The Segue? Roaming Client now supports connectivity to Wi -Fi hotspots for existing GSM subscribers.

"The Wi -Fi market is fragmented right now with a broad range of client software in use," said TSI CEO Ed Evans. "Interoperability between various systems and software to create a seamless user experience will be a key driver for increased Wi -Fi usage. Our interoperability with PCTEL's Roaming client software broadens the opportunities, specifically for GSM operators, to offer secure access and roaming capabilities to their mobile subscribers."

"We believe that TSI will simplify Wi -Fi roaming with the same comprehensive approach that they brought to cellular roaming," said Marty Singer, PCTEL's Chairman and CEO. "TSI has been a force in improving the wireless experience and we are extremely proud to be part of their solution," Singer added.

About TSI
TSI Telecommunication Services Inc. (TSI) is a global communications technology company specializing in innovative business and network engineering solutions that manage and interconnect voice and data systems in more than 30 countries throughout the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. TSI provides technology interoperability, network services and number portability to nearly 300 mobile operators, wireline carriers, emerging telecom market entrants and enterprise customers. Products include SS7 intelligent network solutions, clearing and settlement services, voice and data roaming facilitation, revenue enhancement solutions and more than 25 other integrated services. TSI is ISO 9001:2000 certified. TSI is a privately owned corporation headquartered in Tampa, Fla., U.S.A., with offices in major cities throughout the United States and offices in The Netherlands, London, Luxembourg, Rome, Beijing and Hong Kong. For more information, visit www.tsiconnections.com.

PCTEL (Nasdaq:PCTI), founded in March 1994, is a leading provider of Wi -Fi and cellular mobility software, software -defined radio products and access technology. PCTEL's Segue™ software products simplify installation, roaming, Internet access and billing. Its DTI product portfolio of OEM receivers and receiver -based products, measure and monitor cellular networks. MAXRAD designs, distributes, and supports innovative antenna solutions that facilitate and simplify wireless communications. PCTEL protects its leadership position with a portfolio of more than 130 analog and broadband communications and wireless patents, issued or pending, including key and essential patents for modem technology. The company's products are sold or licensed to PC manufacturers, PC card and board manufacturers, wireless carriers, wireless ISPs, distributors, wireless test and measurement companies, and system integrators. PCTEL headquarters are located at 8725 West Higgins Road, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60631. Telephone: 773 -243 -3000. For more information, please visit our web site at: http://www.pctel.com.

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