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Communications Specialties introduces the Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7220 Series for WXGA with Stereo Audio over one fiber and the Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7130 Series for Wideband Composite Video with Four Audio Channels at NAB 2004.

Communications Specialties, Inc.

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Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7220 Series - WXGA with Stereo Audio over one fiber

The Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7220 Series is the first fiber optic link to transmit high -resolution RGB (up to WXGA) and stereo audio over one single mode or multimode fiber optic strand. Priced to compete with twisted pair solutions, this fiber optic system will make it easier than ever to transmit high -res signals - to the next office or the next building!

The 7220 Series is compatible with any type of display device that supports VGA, SVGA, XGA and WXGA, plus HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p and 1080p (RGBHV format). It requires no adjustments, equalization or de -skewing. The system uses all digital processing and transmission, operating at a single wavelength, to deliver crystal clear video and high fidelity audio with no signal degradation over the entire transmission path.

The 7220 Series is ideal for use in applications such as digital signage, broadcast or corporate studios, auditoriums, stadiums and theaters, airport or
transportation hubs, distance learning, and surgical or medical imaging, to name a few. In addition, point -to -multipoint signal distribution can be achieved in combination with Pure Digital Fiberlink optical distribution amplifiers (8000 or 8100 Series), allowing for infinite, complex A/V distribution options.

The system uses an HD -15 connector for the RGBHV input and output. Models are available in box or card version. The card units fit within the
model 6000A card cage, sold separately.


Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7130 Series - Wideband Composite Video with Four Audio Channels

The Pure Digital Fiberlink® 7130 Series fiber optic transmission system provides transmission of 15 MHz wideband composite video using 10 -bit video processing and four independent audio channels all over a single fiber. Designed to work with either single mode or multimode fiber, the system provides an easy -to -use, affordable, alternative to coax while providing superior performance.

The 7130 Series is compatible with all video formats, including NTSC, PAL and SECAM, and the audio channels may be used for either two channels of stereo or four independent channels. The audio channels use 24 -bit sampling @ 62.5 kHz and may be configured independently by the user to have either balanced or unbalanced inputs and outputs. Broadcast and video professionals will find the system particularly useful for long cable runs, either within a field or studio environment. Pure digital processing and signaling guarantees no crosstalk or intermodulation between channels. The system is available in card or box version. Cards fill one slot within the 6000A rackmountable card cage.


For more information on the Pure Digital Fiberlink line of digital fiber optic systems, visit or contact CSI headquarters at: Phone: (631)273 -0404, Fax: (631)273 -1638, Email:

Founded in 1983, Communications Specialties, Inc. manufactures innovative products in the areas of fiber optic transmission and computer -video technology. Products include the Pure Digital Fiberlink® line of all -digital fiber optic transmission systems for video, audio and data, Deuce® video scalers and the award -winning Scan Do® family of scan converters. The company is headquartered on Long Island, NY and has a Singapore -based fully -owned subsidiary, Communications Specialties Pte Ltd, that serves customers in the Asia Pacific region.

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