Molino Chooses Signature Gracenote Products to Provide Easy Management for all Digital Entertainment Content in Media Mogul, Debuting at DEMO 2004, International Showcase for Consumer Product Innovations

Scottsdale, AZ - DEMO 2004 (February 16, 2004) - Molino Networks Inc., the creator of revolutionary new digital media products that give consumers control over storing and playing their favorite entertainment content, today announced it`s Molino Media Mogul™ entertainment center will be the first product to offer both DVD recognition services and Gracenote CDDB® from Gracenote®, the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media.

Tim Sylvester, Founder and CEO of Molino Networks said, `Gracenote VideoID, a product that automatically identifies a DVD and provides detailed information including title, genre, synopsis and cover art, enables our customers to enjoy their media in an easy -to -use and convenient way.`

Molino Media Mogul is the first affordable digital entertainment center that easily stores DVDs, CDs, digital photos and home videos, so users can organize, access and enjoy their digital entertainment content in the living room. Mr. Sylvester continued, `Our strategy is to build relationships with key technology providers like Gracenote that bring unique capabilities to the Molino Media Mogul that will enhance the customer`s experience`.

`We`re very pleased to debut Gracenote VideoID on Molino Media Mogul - a product that is fulfilling a tremendous need for people wanting to better organize and enjoy all of the family`s favorite digital entertainment in the living room,` said Craig Palmer, President and CEO of Gracenote. `People will now be able to easily organize, access and store both their music and DVD libraries, search by a broad variety of criteria, such as CD or DVD title, favorite artist or actor, movie or music genre ‹ and also get a great complimentary visual experience with DVD cover art directly from their TV screens. We look forward to working with Molino Networks as they bring Media Mogul to consumers and develop other innovative digital entertainment products.`

`Gracenote`s digital music and media solutions are critical to making Molino Media Mogul an easy -to -use entertainment center that stores and plays music and movies with just a few clicks of the remote control,` said Sylvester. `Media Mogul eliminates the clutter of DVD and CD racks by storing all the family`s favorite digital content in one location and playing it back with superior quality.`

About Molino Networks, Inc.
Founded in 2001, Molino Networks, Inc. is the creator of Molino Media Mogul, a revolutionary new product to store and experience digital memories and entertainment. Molino Media Mogul allows users to store, organize and access the contents of up to 50 DVDs or 500 CDs, while preserving 100% of their fidelity and interactive features. Molino Media Mogul integrates with the home entertainment system, and is as easy -to -use as a DVD player. Molino Networks is privately held and is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. For more information or to pre -order the Molino Media Mogul, please visit

About Gracenote
Gracenote is the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, with offices in Tokyo and Berlin and reseller agreements in Seoul and Paris, Gracenote provides a suite of integrated software and services that enable consumer electronics manufacturers and software developers to provide the best in digital entertainment. Globally, over 30 million users each month rely on Gracenote to provide an enhanced music listening experience, wherever they listen to music. For more information about Gracenote, go to

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