The 566Q Provides More Powerful Cleaning With Extremely Quiet Operation

LOUISVILLE, OH - February 19, 2004 - Homeowners concerned with the noise associated with everyday vacuum use can now turn to H -P Products, Inc. for the release of one of the quietest systems to reach the central vacuum system market. H -P Products, manufacturer of VACUFLO® central vacuum systems for over 45 years, is proud to welcome the VACUFLO® 566Q, the quietest system in their line of high -performance central vacs.

The VACUFLO 566Q not only offers whole -house cleaning convenience and maximum vacuum power, but its quiet operation allows the homeowner to vacuum anytime, day or night. A patented sound -absorbing Foam Silencer and strategic motor placement ensures a whisper -like operation. The 566Q offers consumers high -performing central vac design features with a remarkably low noise performance of only 60.7 dBa. The durable 7.2" motor offers more powerful performance and sustained cleaning power with 535 airwatts.

Only VACUFLO uses patented Cyclonic Filtration Technology(tm) that eliminates 100% of all vacuumed dirt, odors and allergens from your home. The VACUFLO system works by transporting 96 -98% of all dirt, debris and dust particles through a simple network of tubing that runs through the walls and is deposited into the dirt canister while the remaining fine dust particles are exhausted outdoors so that dirt and odors are not re -circulated into the living area.

The in -wall tubing is easily installed during construction or added to an existing home in less than one day with no structural modifications needed. Recommended for use in homes up to 8,000 square feet, the 566Q is installed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty plus 3 years labor to ensure the homeowner's complete satisfaction. The VACUFLO 566Q presents powerful cleaning performance and reliability with an amazingly quiet operation, satisfying the cleaning and convenience needs of all homeowners.


About H -P Products
H -P Products, Inc. offers over 55 years of manufacturing expertise - with over 45 of those years manufacturing built -in central vacuum systems, as well as tubular products. In 1955, H -P Products introduced VACUFLO®, the first residential built -in central vacuum system with a patented True Cyclonic® process requiring no bags or filters. H -P Products manufacturer of the Dirt Devil® and Dirt Devil® Platinum Force® lines of central vacuum systems offer many versatile accessories kits and attachments for every cleaning application. Log onto for more information on the full line of VACUFLO products.

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