An addition to the ex-tend-it Professional Series that combines multiple, cross-platform DVI video sources with multiple DVI displays to create an integrated environment without networking or patching cords.

WOODLAND HILLS, CA [February 19, 2004] Gefen announced the release of its ex -tend -it 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch, an addition to the ex -tend -it Professional Series that combines multiple, cross -platform DVI video sources with multiple DVI displays to create an integrated environment without networking or patching cords. It may be used with digital video sources, displays and projectors, provided each source and destination uses DVI connectors to send and receive visual data. When used with computers, the Matrix accommodates a keyboard/mouse connection via a USB connector that is switched for each source along with the video.

Ideal for post -production, broadcast, education, corporate, entertainment and any multi -component technical environment, the 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch creates four flexible workstations in which each source is routed to one of the four displays. The unit switches digital video and control signals for each source, is powered by an external power supply and comes with an IR remote control. The 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch works with all DVI sources, displays and projectors; Apple's line of computers and digital flat panel displays can be connected when used with Gefen's DVI to ADC Conversion Box.

Currently available to order online at or through a Gefen dealer, also listed online, the 4x4 DVI Matrix Switch retails for $2499 (US).

Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 2.4 GHz
Actual Bandwidth: 1.65 GHz
Input Video Signal: 1.2 volts p -p
Input Sync Signal: 5 volts p -p (TTL)
Single Link Range: 1900x1200 @60Hz
DVI Connector: Molex 24 pin female connector
USB Input Connectors: Type ³B²
USB Output Connectors: Type ²A²
Video In: DVI -I dual link
Video out: DVI -I dual link
Power Supply: 12 VDC
Dimensions (inches): 8.7H x 13W x 6.7D
Rackmountable: 4 spaces
Shipping weight: 10 lbs.

About Gefen Inc:
Gefen provides computer and electronics connectivity solutions through its ex -tend -it Professional Series, which offers multi -platform extension, switching, distribution and conversion technologies. Gefen is currently pioneering a full line of HDTV products that enable high definition digital video signals to be split, switched and extended. A selection of HDMI, fiber optics, DVI and CAT5 cabling is also available through Gefen as well as audio, USB, CAT5, PS/2, RS232 and similar peripheral support solutions. Detailed product information may be found at

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