Mission USA is now shipping the world's first personal portable public address (PA) system, TecSonic. The system features a revolutionary design and is a completely new concept in on-the-go sound.

MORRISTOWN, New Jersey, February 12, 2004 -Mission USA, a subsidiary of the British company at the leading edge of loudspeaker innovation for over 25 years, is now shipping the world's first personal portable public address (PA) system, TecSonic. The system features a revolutionary design and is a completely new concept in on -the -go sound.

TecSonic offers an ideal solution for "road warrior" executives in setting up and operating sound systems for presentations or meetings. It is an all -in -one solution that can be easily stored (even in an overhead bin), carried and set up anywhere, with enough power to provide voice or music support for up to 100 people.

Noted Brad Lunde, Mission USA's Professional Audio Representative, "Until now, traveling executives and presenters often had to rely on either existing hotel PA systems that were not always dependable or expensive rental systems, both of which limit your options for choosing a meeting venue where you can count on great sound. TecSonic changes everything by giving people the ultimate in audio flexibility, with all the PA power needed for effective, high -impact presentations anywhere."

TecSonic was recently named an honoree in the Consumer Electronic Association's Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Awards presented at CES 2004.

Pack your PA in a briefcase!
Mission TecSonic is a groundbreaking system that packs up completely in a supplied briefcase. With size and weight about the same as a laptop, the system includes the TecSonic flat panel speaker, a matching 5 -foot high speaker stand, a handheld microphone with on/off switch and cable, plus a flexible mixer/amplifier to handle a broad range of possible input and output connections.

TecSonic is ideal for voice only or music and voice together in meetings rooms, classrooms or anywhere you need sound. TecSonic includes all the necessary accessories for providing an ideal sound reinforcement solution for PA presentation and background music applications.

Mission utilizes advanced NXT technology in TecSonic to provide a 360 -degree spread of natural speech and music quality without loss of detail and clarity, providing superlative full -room audio coverage. The unique thin profile, low -mass panel loudspeaker covers a frequency range from 130Hz to 20kHz without the need for a crossover or enclosure, avoiding the subjective distortions that negatively impact the audio output of conventional PA speakers. TecSonic's innovative design provides high -performance and a sleek look.

Mission Pro's TecSonic is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by TransAmerica Audio Group, founded by industry veteran Brad Lunde. Available in the first quarter of 2004, the U.S. suggested retail price is $999. For more information on TecSonic, please visit transaudiogroup.com

About Mission USA
Mission USA is a subsidiary of Mission, the British company at the leading edge of loudspeaker innovation for over 25 years. Based in Morristown, New Jersey, Mission USA is taking full advantage of Mission's longstanding heritage in loudspeaker design, while also expanding into new territory with unique, high -performance consumer and professional loudspeakers, in -wall speakers, portable audio, and audio/video products that utilize today's most advanced technologies.

Founded in 1977, Mission has established an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing quality loudspeakers. In 1978 Mission launched the revolutionary 770 loudspeaker, the first audiophile loudspeaker to use a polypropylene drive unit and, since then, has constantly introduced new technology and the radical manufacturing techniques that have played a key part in Mission`s success. Constantly breaking through technological barriers has involved making huge investments in human and engineering resources. Mission`s headquarters in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England feature the latest in production and computing technology to help maintain its position at the forefront of the home entertainment industry.


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