Computer and electronic components that utilize FireWire IEEE 1394 connectors can be extended from the source using high quality fiber optics cabling.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND [February 3~5, 2004] Connectivity solutions provider Gefen Inc. demonstrated its new FireWire Extender at Systems Integration Europe. Designed for broad applications in which cameras, video recorders, hard drives and other computer peripheral devices using a FireWire IEEE 1394 connector must be powered and operational up to 500 meters from their source, it's one of the most recent additions to Gefen's ex -tend -it line of solutions. It boasts transmission speeds up to 400 megabytes per second, generating an instantaneous relay of data, even hundreds of meters from the source. Long -distance transmission is provided through the use of small sender and receiver units that connect the source to the remote device using 2 -strand multimode fiber optics link cable.

Although the FireWire Extender effectively transmits the FireWire signal up to 500 -meters (1640 -feet), it can be used for shorter distance just as effectively. In operation, it provides a simple to use method of extending high quality visual data that is just as clear and precise as if it were connected directly to the source.

Currently available for $899, the FireWire Extender can be purchased online at or through a Gefen dealer, located throughout Europe. A partial reseller list is available online at and can be requested via email at

Fully supports provisions of IEEE1394a draft 2.0 (2 DS ports)
IEEE1394b draft compliant
Duplex LC type optical port supporting 62.5 m, 50.0 m Multi -mode Glass of Fiber
Laser Class 1 Eye Safety compliant: 850nm VCSEL
Power supply: DC12~40V (max.500mA)
Box dimensions: 3.89" x .86" x 3.50" (W/H/D)
Shipping weight: 3 lbs.

About Gefen Inc:
Gefen is a provider of computer and electronics connectivity solutions worldwide. Gefen's ex -tend -it Professional Series specializes in multi -platform extenders, switchers, distribution amplifiers and converters. Gefen is currently pioneering a full line of DVI and HDTV products that enable high definition, digital video signals to be split, switched and extended. A selection of HDMI, fiber optics, DVI and CAT5 cabling is also available through Gefen as well as audio, USB, CAT5, PS/2, RS232 and similar peripheral support solutions. Detailed product information may be found at

Stretch It. Switch It. Split It.
Gefen's Got It.

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