CentraLite Introduces Affordable Hardwired Lighting Control System

The CL24 lighting control system offers control of 24 lighting loads for a list price of $3,000.

CentraLite Systems® Revolutionizes Lighting Control with the Introduction of CL -24 at the INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS SHOW in Las Vegas, January 19 -22, 2004!

January 19, 2004 Las Vegas -CentraLite Systems® Inc. unveiled today its 3rd generation whole house lighting control system at the International Builders Show. CentraLite CL -24 is a revolutionary breakthrough in affordability for architectural dimming systems. The system is designed for homes under 2,500 square feet, apartments and condominiums yet has all the features and functionality of systems designed for large luxury homes. The CL -24 standard package includes the Relay Panel, Master Control Panel, 16 Keypads, and Display Panel for a list price of $3,000.

CentraLite CL -24 combines digital dimming, whole home lighting management and sophisticated scene lighting with the reliability and convenience of a hard -wired system. Standard features include a touch pad programmer with LCD readout, over 500 dimming levels, 40 scenes, RS -232 ports for 3rd party serial access, contact closure inputs and outputs, engraved keypad buttons, and RJ -45 connections using CAT5 wire. Optional features include remote automobile activation, fan speed control, and custom engraving.

President and CEO James L. Busby exclaimed that CentraLite CL -24 will bring lighting control to the masses. "No longer will lighting control be solely in the domain of the wealthy. Everyone can now enjoy the comfort and convenience of a feature packed lighting control system."

Centralite Systems has installed more than 1,000 lighting control systems in high end homes and light commercial buildings across the country and around the world. In addition to the
CL -24 and Elegance product lines CentraLite also manufactures CenDI, the CentraLite device integrator.

CL -24 will be available through authorized CentraLite dealers and other distribution outlets.
For more information contact Bill Hambley, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing, at 1 -877 -466 -5483.

CentraLite Systems®, Inc. designs and manufactures lighting control and home automation systems that are ideal for the residential and light commercial market place, both in price and functionality. Our products are simple to use, rugged, reliable and affordable. CentraLite has more than 135 authorized dealers in 40 states and nine international locations.

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