Sonance introduced its all-new Sonance Cinema Ultra II in-wall loudspeaker system, consisting of the Cinema® Ultra II LCR and Cinema® Ultra II SUR in-wall speakers.

Sonance, the leader in architectural audio, introduced its all -new Sonance Cinema® Ultra II in -wall loudspeaker system at the Consumer Electronics Show here today. Consisting of the Cinema® Ultra II LCR and Cinema® Ultra II SUR in -wall speakers, the Cinema Ultra II system is the company's first to earn the coveted THX Ultra2 Certification from THX Ltd. delivering startling realism in 7.1 -channel Surround EX home theater and multi -channel music playback performance.

"In developing both the Cinema Ultra II LCR and SUR speakers, Sonance engineers had one goal in mind, to make these our best home theater speakers ever," said Hal Hufford, vice president of sales and marketing for Sonance. "To achieve that, we had to design these speakers to not only meet the specifications as laid out by THX for its Ultra2 certification program, but also to meet the needs of our most discerning customers as well. I can unequivocally say that we have achieved these goals and invite everyone to experience the difference passion makes."

Indeed, Sonance's passion for making speakers goes back over 20 years, and drew on its considerable experience in the design of its new in -wall speakers. Redefining its performance standards for these high quality home speaker systems, each speaker offers superior performance regardless of wall cavity variances, as there is an integrated backbox molded specifically for this speaker, as well as carefully machined, low profile flat aluminum grilles. In addition, the Cinema Ultra II LCR and SUR feature low resonance MDF baffles for peak performance, and Rotolock® integrated mounting system as well as integrated backboxes for easy installation.

The Cinema Ultra II LCR (each sold separately) is perfect for the front Left, Center and Right channels in a home theater system. Designed to completely fill a large room with a sizeable "sweet spot" that can't be reproduced by lesser speakers, the LCR features one 3/4 -inch (19mm) Silk dome, shielded magnet tweeter, two 3 -inch (76mm) one piece black Aluminum midrange cones with rubber surrounds, shielded magnets, and an 8 -inch (203mm) one piece black Aluminum woofer cone with a rubber surround. The speaker features both an adjustable midrange and tweeter array for directional sound field optimization, while its woofer can reproduce sound down to 70Hz.

Conversely, the Cinema Ultra II SUR (sold in pairs) was engineered to provide a spacious diffuse pattern (dipolar) surround sound field like no other. The SUR's construction and layout are unique, using a pair of Sonance's outward firing tweeters and midrange cones, each directs its radiation pattern a full 30 degrees off center, and feature an adjustable midrange and tweeter array for directional sound field optimization. Offering outstanding bandwidth and an installation -friendly package, the SUR features two 3/4 -inch (19mm) Silk dome, shielded magnet tweeters, two 3 -inch (76mm) one piece black Aluminum midrange cones with rubber surrounds, shielded magnets, and an 8 -inch (203mm) one piece black Aluminum woofer cone with a rubber surround.

Established as the performance benchmark for home entertainment systems, the THX Ultra2 specification provides uncompromising playback of any multi -channel program, whether movie soundtracks or music, over the widest possible seating area. THX developed Ultra2 in response to newer advances in music recording that allow for more realistic multi -channel playback and the THX Ultra2 Spec is a major breakthrough for the home theatre enthusiast who appreciates accurate home theatre sound reproduction.

Shipping now, the Cinema Ultra II LCR have an MSRP of $950.00 (each), while the Cinema Ultra II SUR have an MSRP of $1,900.00 (pair).

Company Information

Founded in 1984, Sonance of San Clemente, Calif., is a pioneer and leading developer and manufacturer of high -fidelity, whole -home architectural audio products, including in -wall and in -ceiling speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, whole -house multi -source control systems, cables and other products for distributed audio and home theater applications.

The company is among the leaders in home audio sales, and offers four brands to serve all segments of the market. Through its Sonance brand, the company is a leader among designers and custom installers of home electronics systems, while it also manufactures products sold under the Architectural Audio by Sonance brand for professional homebuilders and home contractors. At the retail level, HomeTech by Sonance, sold at Best Buy stores and online at, and HiFi Works by Sonance, found at Lowe's and online at, can be found in -store or on -line.

Sonance credits its success to listening to their customers to provide solutions to their custom install needs and delivering superior value product. Further information can be obtained by contacting the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672 by calling 1 - 800 -582 -0771, or by visiting

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