Sonance®, the leader in architectural audio, has introduced Distributed Audio in a Box (DAB1), a four-source, six-zone Multi-Room audio system for the home.

Targeting the A/V, security and electrical home system integrator markets with technologically advanced and affordable multi -room audio systems, Sonance®, the leader in architectural audio, has introduced Distributed Audio in a Box (DAB1), a four -source, six -zone Multi -Room audio system for the home. Offering DAB1 under its Architectural Audio™ by Sonance brand, the company unveiled it here today at the international Consumer Electronics Show.

The new DAB1 system provides everything needed (save speakers) for a six -zone multi -room audio system, including an integrated AM/FM tuner / 35 watt
per channel power amplifier / system control unit, six in -wall keypads, and PC -based software program for configuring systems prior to or after installation. Additional sources, such as disc players and other A/V components, can also be connected to the DAB1 system. Architectural Audio by Sonance products, not available through retail or consumer channels, are sold to contractors through distributors of A/V, security and electrical products.

"The DAB1 is something we have had our R&D department working on for a while," said Hal Hufford, vice president of sales and marketing. "All -in -one systems are appealing for reasons of economy and simplicity. However, this is the first all -in -one multi -room audio system designed for the home system integrator."

The heart of the Distributed Audio in a Box system is the control unit, which routes all incoming and outgoing signals needed to make everything work seamlessly for the end user. The control unit comes with an integrated 35 watt per channel amp that includes an AM/FM tuner with 12 presets. The control unit can be used as an independent zone controller for that zone, providing such functions as volume, balance, treble, bass, mute and page volume, or can be switched to "Party Mode" that activates and control all six zones from the front panel.
Audio inputs include four line level RCA connections for up to four sources (three if the integrated AM/FM tuner is to be used). The rear panel also includes audio input connections, as well as RS -232, RJ -45 and CAT -5 connections.

From an end user standpoint, the most visible parts of the DAB1 system are its six in -wall keypads, one for each zone and designed to match most room décor. Each keypad has four hard key "source" buttons, an up/down volume control, and mute button (backlit with two white LEDs) at the center. An on -off button is backlit with LEDs, illuminating red when off and green when on. A pre -printed label kit is included, so that installers can label buttons for their precise functions based on the audio sources connected to the control unit (such as AM/FM, CD, TV, etc.). Up to three DAB1 units can be daisy chained to create a system of up to 18 zones. The new DAB1 can also be used with any AVC™ in -wall volume controls or the AVC KP, all offered under the Architectural Audio by Sonance brand.

Multi -room audio is gaining popularity among contractors as a value -added feature with strong consumer appeal, and homeowners, unlikely to contact custom electronic installers, may be customers for affordable, pre -installed audio systems.

"Most new home construction is not in the luxury or near -luxury home class," Hufford continued. "Experts estimate that this year alone 1.5 to 1.8 million new tract homes will be built. The new DAB1 is sure to increase the percentage of multi -room audio installations in new tract home constructions above the current nine percent mark," added Hufford.

The Architectural Audio by Sonance line is not offered at retail, and is available only through Sonance's A/V, security and electrical distributors. The product line offers home system integrators or structured wiring experts value -added products that are easy to install, modular, and provides a simple to use interface. From in -wall/in -ceiling speakers, amplifiers, and volume controls to outdoor speakers and the patented "Class D" digitally amplified AVC™ products, all are designed to work separately or as a system over CAT5 architecture.

The Architectural Audio by Sonance Distributed Audio in a Box system is slated to begin shipping in first quarter '04, with an MSRP of $1,999.00.

Company Information

Founded in 1984, Sonance of San Clemente, Calif., is a pioneer and leading developer and manufacturer of high -fidelity, whole -home architectural audio products, including in -wall and in -ceiling speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, whole -house multi -source control systems, cables and other products for distributed audio and home theater applications.

The company is among the leaders in home audio sales, and offers four brands to serve all segments of the market. Through its Sonance brand, the company is a leader among designers and custom installers of home electronics systems, while it also manufactures products sold under the Architectural AudioÔ by Sonance brand for professional homebuilders and home contractors. At the retail level, HomeTechâ by Sonance, sold at Best Buy stores and online at, and HiFi WorksÔ by Sonance, found at Lowe's and online at, can be found in -store or on -line.

Sonance credits its success to listening to their customers to provide solutions to their custom install needs and delivering superior value product. Further information can be obtained by contacting the company at 212 Avenida Fabricante, San Clemente, CA 92672 by calling 1 - 800 -582 -0771, or by visiting

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