NEW WBT nextgen RCA plugs and sockets

NextgenTM is the only RCA plug to offer a true 1GHz bandwidth at 75 ohms. Perfect for the digital domain. Anything analog also benefits significantly outfitted with nextgenTM.

WBT GmbH of Essen, Germany is pleased to announce a new RCA type plug and socket. Much time and effort has been spent in the development of this new marvel. These new connectors use a 'reduced but pure' principle.

Highlighted features

- Ultimate conductivity
- No more interferences (especially Eddy current)
- Patented clamping device
- First RCA connector of 75 ohms characteristic impedance
- True wideband (1 GHz at 75 ohms)
- Available in pure silver with platinum plating and pure copper with gold plating

These next generation connectors, nextgenTM, will work with any socket and the nextgenTM sockets will work with any plug to meet currently available products. As of this writing, nextgenTM is the only RCA plug to offer a 1GHz bandwidth at 75 ohms. Perfect for the digital domain. Analog audio will also benefit greatly from this design. Few RCA plugs and sockets on the market offer pure silver or pure copper as a foundation for signal transfer; most are alloys. Component and cable design now becomes more apparent and critical.

For US sales and information, please contact:

Rich Moore
2752 South 1900 West
Ogden Utah 84401
Ph: 801 -621 -1500
Fax: 801 -627 -6980

The nextgenTM product is patent protected (German Pat. pend. 102 58 689.6 -34)

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